About Dachshund Rescue Australia Inc. | Registered Charity
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Helping rescue and privately rehome dachshunds across Australia since 2009

Welcome to Dachshund Rescue Australia Inc

Dachshund Rescue Australia Inc. was started in 2009 to raise the profile of dachshunds needing rescue and rehoming across all States of Australia.  DRA became an Incorporated Not for Profit Association and officially gained Charity status in April 2014.


DRA has developed a reputation as an ethical breed specific Organisation within the animal welfare community and continue to build positive relationships  founded on open and respectful communication with shelters or pounds, other rescue groups, registered breeders and members of the Dachshund Community.


We understand that life changes for people and we accept surrenders from current owners who are looking to rehome their dachshund responsibly.  Whether it is a family break up, moving overseas, an owner has passed away, no longer enough time to spend with your dachshund, children or any other number of reasons they come for rehoming, we work with you in a non- judgemental manner to make sure that your dachshund goes to a home where they will be ideally suited.  Our dachshunds are placed with people who know and understand the quirks of this breed.


Dachshund Rescue also has a list of dedicated foster carers should you need to surrender your dachshund into our care.  The foster carers look after these dachshunds in their own homes until we have found them the right home for their needs.


Pounds are extremely stressful places for a dachshund so please contact us for help so that they do not have to go through one.  We do not charge for helping you rehome your dachshund and we do not judge anybody who needs to rehome.

DRA Supporters Pack


Thank you very much to all our supporters! Without all your Facebook shares, mentions to fellow dog lovers in the park and generous donations, DRA would not be able to operate in the capacity we do and help the dachshunds in need. Thank you so much!


Listed below are the wonderful people who have purchased our supporters pack. Please consider using the businesses below when you next require a product / service.  Thank you!

General Enquiries






Rehoming / Foster Enquiries


For enquiries in ALL States:


Karan Cleveland


0490 382886



0421 129627

Ruth Salminen
0413 349650


Sharman Moore


0412 619266

Perth WA


0412 390546

South West WA:

Penny Hodgson


Business / Sponsorship Enquiries


Sarah Haora with Maluka & Avalon
Business Support Liaison & Ambassador Promoter




Thank you very much to all our volunteers including:


Hannah Prime
Dachshund Health & Fundraising Coordinator


Sarah Haora with Maluka & Avalon
Business Support Liaison & Ambassador Promoter  sarah@dachshundrescue.com.au


Mark Ellis & Obi Wan ACT  &  Country New South Wales Awareness and Fundraising Ambassadors


Foster Carers


To apply to be a foster carer, please click below:


Foster Carer Application Form


Dachshund Rescue Australia Inc.
Charity number CFN/23452.
Registered by the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission.