Archive 2002 - pt 1 | Dachshund Rescue Australia
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Archive 2002 – pt 1

Buddy presented as an anxious dachshund around little people and his owners were desperately worried how he would cope with the impending arrival of their new baby.

Buddy is now in an adult home with no children but he has scored with his parents working from home and a bigger dachshund sister, Salsa, to help settle him in. So many new experiences and smells to suss out, horses and the funny noises they make have been something that Buddy has had to process, a doggy door which allows him to go outside and have a bark at the world and earning to walk beside Dad’s bike. Most new experiences he’s taking in his stride, although that scary vacuum cleaner is not one! Buddy has been doing lots of training and his Dad says he’s very food motivated and stubborn.  Night times are for relaxing on the couch and working out where those treats have gone.  (Vic)




Eva was a breeding dog and particularly frightened of men.  Thanks to the kind hearted people who took her on but sadly Eva wasn’t settling in well and nor did she like the resident bull terrier who really wanted to be friends with her. Eva chose her own home where she is not only the Queen Bee of the house, but also of the two resident male dachshunds, who are perfectly happy to let her cuddle up to them.  Thank you to the family that took on this little one knowing that she was a terrified little girl and who have done so much to turn her life around to one happy dachshund. (WA)

Sadly two year Pup’s dad passed away and Pup was looking for a new home.  Unfortunately he hadn’t been that well socialised and had a few life skills he needed to learn.  What better home to go to than with a behaviourist who owns an extremely lively three legged rescue dachshund.  They also own a labrador x spaniel who helps to train other dogs, but in this case Pup settled right in and is the perfect little dachshund, or as perfect as they can be. (WA)

This is a picture of 10 year old Sizzle looking out on the window on his drive to his new home.  Sizzle is a dear little boy and whilst he was a big barker at his old house where he found himself on his own during the day, he has now stopped that and adores his new home and parents.  He loves the peace and quiet, he loves the fact that their daughter lives down the road with another dachshund, so if Mum and Dad have to go out for any length of time, he gets together with his new dachshund cousin, and mostly they get on really well.  Such a lucky boy as he was certainly very adored in his two previous home and it’s easy to see why. (NSW)

10 month old Mango came to DRA seeking a new home as she was not getting on very well sharing her home with another female dachshund.  With this being the third change that Mango was going through she obviously was very nervous at what was happening to her now.  With experienced and very patient dachshund owners, Mango didn’t take long to settle into her beautiful home in the country, with fabulous walks, and very much princess of all she sees.  The resident cat and Mango have reached a mutual understanding and when Mum and Dad go out, Mango can be seen in a bed next to the cat for comfort! (NSW)

Sadly Bonnie’s owner passed away and she found herself surrendered to the RSPCA.  We are so incredibly fortunate to have a working relationship with them and they contacted us to let us know she was stressed and needing a home.  We got a foster carer to collect her and to take her home, with a quick pit stop at the pet shop to collect new things that Bonnie would need. Once Bonnie had time to recover from the experiences she had been through, she and her foster Mum bonded very quickly and as you can see by the look in Bonnie’s eyes, she absolutely adores her new Mum.  Nothing more gratifying that a failed foster carer.  She is a such a dear little dog and beautiful both inside and out.  Thank you to our foster carer for taking her in not knowing anything about this little one. (NSW)

Scout, the loveable and energetic larrikin who was perplexed when her boisterous overtures were not welcomed, now has two new doggy sisters and 12 acres to wear herself out on.  Dams, walking trails, two new partners in crime, life is now exhausting!  When the day finally comes to a close it’s naptime either by the fire or on Mum’s lap who she adores and is adored back, but either way life couldn’t be better. (QLD)


Kyzar went into foster care and they did such a great job of helping her overcome her nerves at finally being out of a kennel, that in the end they couldn’t bear to part with her. She is thriving with warm fluffy beds, trips in the car, discovering a duck pond on one of her many walks, all new experiences which she loves. Whilst she is still not entirely happy around men she’s doing her best learning to trust them and is also gaining confidence with such a change in lifestyle, thanks to the patience of her new family.  Her favourite trick when she gets a pigs ear, is to have a chew and then when no one’s looking she’ll go and put it in Mum’s bed for safe keeping. (NSW)

Bella is another little one that came from a breeder that was no longer able to look after her.  She loves having dachshund brothers for company and to accompany her on her exciting walks, which are new experiences. Mum has a new shadow and Bella rarely lets her out of her sight but she loves having a garden and the sun to lie in. Evenings after dinner, straight up the ramp to join her family on the couch for cuddles. (NSW)


Wilson’s family made the heartbreaking decision to re-home their much loved boy so he could have people with him most of the day, a spacious garden to explore and a canine companion. With our support they were delighted to find a family that ticked all boxes. Wilson’s new family are equally thrilled with him. His days are filled with new experiences, walking adventures and lazy hours to snuggle up with his humans and new buddy, Zulu. Enjoy your new life Wilson! (NSW)

Once upon a time, Slinky barked all day, having been left alone for long hours in an apartment. He was miserable and his owner filled with guilt that he could no longer provide his buddy with a happy life. Dachshund Rescue was on a quest to find a new family that could provide Slinky with companionship, an interesting lifestyle together with a doggy friend. Without hesitation, Darrell and his wife took on the challenge. Slinky now enjoys a comfortable life where he is nurtured, exercised and loved. A happy ending for all. (VIC)

Budd wanted to be the best boy on the block but major disruptions to his life resulted in unruly behaviour. Budd needed a family with time, commitment and endless patience to help guide him in a positive direction. And lucky boy, he found a wonderful home with calm, assertive adults and a friendly doggy companion to show him the ropes. Buddy lives in a peaceful rural setting and spends his day following his humans, going on walks with lots of interesting smells and frolicking with his playful canine companion. There is always someone to curl up with for cuddles and give him the love he deserves. Budd loves his new life and everybody appreciates the brave decision his former family made to re-home him.  (Vic)

The beautiful Gracey is a work in progress.  She was, and is an anxious little girl but her family have helped her overcome a lot of her issues and knew from the beginning that they were in for a marathon with her.  Gracey took a few days to unwind and know that she was safe to relax around her family and the next issue to address, is for Gracey to allow visitors past the front door! Our thanks to her new family who fell in love with her anyway and are willing to work through all of the above. (NSW)

Waiting on a new photo of Gracey without a cone of shame on her head!

A beautiful natured boy called Ricky went off for a trial with another little dachshund called Phoebe.  The first day they did not stop playing and running around the garden until they both collapsed in a heap.  Day 2, Phoebe decided yesterday was fun but it was time for him to go home.  Day 4, she came to the conclusion that actually having a brother to sunbathe with, and play when they feel like it, is actually quite a good thing to happen in her life.  Providing she still remains the boss of the home, with Ricky quite happy to concede that his sister is indeed boss! Ricky is happy as, and continues to do zoomies around the garden to show his pleasure with his new family.

Due to no fault of her own, 13 year old special needs Lucy was relinquished into the care of RSPCA Canberra who did a sterling job of addressing her health needs.  Dachshund Rescue Australia was then given the responsibility to find  Lucy a loving new home with someone experienced with the breed. An amazing foster carer opened her home and heart to Lucy and before long the two were inseparable. Not surprisingly Lucy has been adopted by Anne. Lucy has a warm bed to sleep on, gentle hands to  comfort her and a lifestyle filled with experiences to please this gentle little senior. When Mum goes to work, rather than leave Lucy at home on her own, Lucy gets to go work at the Embassy with her other human companion. Thank you Anne for giving Lucy the life she deserves in her autumn years. (ACT)

Betty’s elderly lady owner was going into a nursing home and fortunately her friends had heard of DRA and helped us in the process of finding Emma a home.

She is an extremely shy girl who was not socialised at the beginning of her life and only used for breeding. She was also extremely cautious of men but her new Dad is providing lots of belly rubs on the couch, slowly building up her trust. She has become her new Mum’s shadow and loves sitting in the kitchen watching what Mum’s cooking, no doubt hoping for some to drop down her way. She’s also got a new dachshund sister and it didn’t take the girls long to bond and share a bed. This family have had many rescues over the years and are absolutely besotted with her. (VIC)


Lolly and Rocky have found a wonderful home with experienced loving dachshund owners. With a spacious landscaped garden, they love exploring and finding the lizards hiding spots. They adore living back indoors and have heaps of new toys to enjoy. Lolly is a naughty girl and loves to whine knowing the pesky cane toads are outside at dusk whilst Rocky is a real smoocher and such a gentle boy who is in his element and positively thriving in his new home.  When the owner’s previous dachshund, Brutus,  passed away, they said to Brutus to make sure he sent them another dachshund.  When they were ready to open their hearts again to another dachshund, Lolly and Rocky came along.  (Qld)

Foxy the dachshund cross collie is with a couple who dote on the dachshund breed and who had recently lost one of DRA’s rescue dachshund from many years ago. Foxy is delighting is being the only dog with all the attention on her, loves visitors to the property and having her owners around for the majority of the day.  (QLD)

Bruno’s loving nature melts the hearts of all that meet him.  This adorable three year old boy was unfortunately placed by a breeder for rehoming to a family who loved him to bits but their resident adult male dachshund was not impressed with his arrival.  Sadly he wasn’t able to stay and was surrendered to DRA for adoption.  Bruno has now been placed into another family home where he has been welcomed with loving arms by the humans and ignored by the other pets in the home.  Bruno’s nick name is ‘Trip Hazard’ as he is never far away from his adoring family.  He loves his snuggles but being on the larger size does tend to give his owners dead legs.  He is therefore going on regular walks and they have been playing ball games to get his weight down.(NSW)


Otto unfortunately found himself on the street and ended up in the pound and the shelter staff thought he would be best placed with DRA a breed specific Rescue. Otto was placed with a foster carer of ours and needed a lot of veterinary work as he turned with a nasty ear infection, he’d lost some nails and he needed dental work. After a lot of rehab and time spent settling him in, a big thanks to her as Otto liked to wake early and bark the house down and was adamant he didn’t like the resident cat!

The young Otto is now starting a new chapter in his life and is with a young couple who live close to the beach and love having a dachshund to walk and socialise. Otto is very happy not having to share his cuddles with other pets and is happy to be their pride and joy. (Vic)



With a young family’s circumstances changing, these two 8 year old brothers needed to find a new home.  They took moving in their stride and adore their new brother Ned, an Australian terrier and Dad who takes them on wonderful walks in nearby bushland.  Back at home their favourite spot is in front of the fire and on Sundays Chef Mum bakes them healthy muffins. Then its into the garden to help with the gardening, which dachshund style is anything but helping as they dig up newly installed plants!  (VIC)

Knowing that Romy was no longer happy with the significant changes to her life, it was with her best interests at heart that her owner reluctantly decided to rehome her.  Romy is a beautiful 8 year old girl and has brought a lot of enjoyment to her new owners. Romy loves to go out for brunch and also spending time at the beach.  Romy does suffer from separation anxiety and is currently learning to be socially distant from her owners for short periods of time.  (VIC)



Dogs do a lot of dreaming and sometimes their dreams of comfortable days, loving owners, being treated with kindness, just come true.  For 6 year Scooby this is exactly what’s happened and his life has well and truly turned around.  As you can see from the picture of Scooby in a very comfortable armchair, he’s one happy boy.  With home comforts and a large property to explore, but not let Mum out of his sight, his dreams have all come true. (WA)

Little Lottie and her brother were bought as new companions for the older female dachshund . All went well until jealousy and superiority battles between the 2 girls developed whilst the boy just stayed as the observer! Sadly the squabbles became increasingly vicious so that vet visits were required and their owner worried about just how seriously they would harm each other. After yet another bad visit to the vets it was decided that Lottie should be fostered immediately before lasting damage was done.

Lottie was greeted with open arms by a lovely owner who had recently lost her dog. She was happy to take her in and settle her in the  totally dachshund adapted house, complete with long enclosed ramp walkway down to the big garden . Lottie soon decided that this was the place that she wanted to stay, and now provides her new owner with all the dachshund love the owner was so badly missing   They are a happy pair (WA)

With the family moving house and a robust baby suddenly mobile, this petite boy wasn’t enjoying the unwanted attention.

He is now extremely happy and less nervous with his dachshund siblings Suzie and Spencer.The trio have had numerous road trips to the country and interstate and Codie is loving the treats he is getting along the way .The 1st week there was a lot of barking but now that he’s settled he’s less vocal. Its a joy to see a dachshund take to his new home . (VIC)




7 year old Belle who has been deaf since she was a puppy, is now sharing a home with a labrador x pointer.  It was a good week before life turned the corner and disruption to the family then became a pleasure as Belle settled down and started showing them that she was actually a lovely dachshund. A big thanks to the family for persevering and understanding that some dachshunds, particularly with disabilities, just take a little more time to lose their fear of the new.  Belle and her new four legged sister are now playing together which is a joy to the family. (VIC)

Two year old Minnie’s life has been transformed 180 degrees since she has joined her new family.  Not only has she got a new dachshund brother Peppy (also a DRA rescue) but also Charlie the cat has become a great playmate too.  Together with the children in the home Minnie is living her best life.  (VIC)

Flash has landed on all 4 paws in his new home. He’s now got a wonderful brother with lovely manners who is showing him the ropes. This lucky pair of dachshunds go to work with their owners greeting visitors daily. Flash is learning from his big brother that there is no need to be scared and bark at everything.

The boys love going to the market and enjoying new and tasty experiences! When they’re not at work, or out walking, they enjoy lazing on the couch. Milo the resident dachshund has taken the experience of a new dachshund joining the family extremely well and they both love playing tug of war. Flash is thriving being inside and part of the action. (Qld)/



With the arrival of children, Gordi wasn’t appreciating a toddler in the home.  These young boys were rehomed together and have settled into their new home in no time at all.

They are enjoying their walks with new smells and places to explore, a lovely sunny courtyard to lie in when they’re relaxing at home or snuggled up on the couch. Whilst Gordi wasn’t too impressed at the newly installed doggy door , their new owners have given them time to settle and just adore having dachshunds to share their time with.

Mum and Dad leave Jazz playing when they go out and no one hears a peep from the boys. (Vic)

This affectionate 9 year old, Frankie the one in the middle,  found himself looking for a new family and has hit gold with his new owners. They’ve welcomed him into the family and allow him indoors to be part of everything that goes on. He’s  got lots of company throughout the day. lovely sunny spots to catch the rays and his owners laps on the couch.  He’s  even been getting to know the resident cat. What more could he ask for (QLD).

In June last year when we lost our Chico our home literally went from a home to just a house overnight. We didn’t know how we were ever going to love another little guy again.About a month ago we got a message from the amazing Penny about a little man named Hank who was struggling living in a busy house with little children so we went to meet him..

The rest is history.. Our house is now a home again and we already couldn’t imagine life without Hank in it.. He is the sweetest, most gentle and easy going little fella ever. I 100% believe that Chico knew we needed Hank and Hank has rescued us, not us rescue Hank (WA)

Honey we got the call! There are wire-haired dachshunds that are looking for a home, would we like them to join our wire-hair family of one? What do you think?Without hesitation we said yes! A meet and greet was arranged soon after, and they came home with us that very day! What a whirlwind, Holly and Beau arrived in the midst of 40 degree heat, but settled without a drama, our existing mini wire-haired dachshund Mara also quickly adjusted to the arrival of her new wire-haired friends.

These two beauties are such mild mannered, sweet babes who have settled into life on our five-acres without a problem. They have also adjusted quickly to the ebb and flow of our crazy household – three kids, two grandparents and two sometimes frazzled humans they now call Mum and Dad! Mara loves her life with two new siblings too. When asked by Holly and Beau’s mum why we wanted more dogs we said simply, why not, there is always room for more to love! We feel very blessed to call these gorgeous pups ours now. And we think they have settled into their new city / country life quite well too! As I type, the power of three are sleeping peacefully by my side.  Thank you DRA!  (WA)

Sadly we don’t know too much about Silvi’s previous life before she came into DRA. We do know that prior to her being adopted by her previous owners with another female dachshund they had both been used for breeding purposes.  Although the two girls were extremely bonded during their horrific times, when they were finally adopted by a loving couple, neither wanted to share their new found comfort and so began to fight with each other.  It was with a heavy heart that her new owners contacted DRA asking us to to find Silvi a new home.  Silvi is now living the life as the one and only princess in the home. She has settled into her new life, her personality is starting to come through and she is becoming a confident little girl.   She loves to explore the creek at the end of the garden to chase the lizards  and when she decides to wander back inside she is usually covered in twigs and dust.  Silvi follows her new owner everywhere and has somehow managed to also find her way into the human bed at night to share the pillow! (NSW)

Yoko and Teddy have landed on their feet in their new home. They have gone to a family with teenage triplets, so human attention is constantly on tap for them, which they adore as they’re a very affectionate pair. The summer holidays were spent exploring the beach meeting new family members over Christmas and it hasn’t taken them long to make themselves right at home.


DRA would like to thank our wonderful foster carer for looking after Basil prior to his rehoming.  Although he had always been a single dachshund we feel he quite enjoyed the temporary companionship of the 6 other resident dachshunds!  Basil’s new owners were incredibly excited to meet him and it was only a matter of minutes before he managed to charm his way into their hearts!  Basil’s arrival in his new home means that the once quiet house is now filled with family members constantly coming over to visit for some cuddles and playtime!  Basil is a very content little boy and is very happy to oblige. (NSW)

Little Link had sadly struggled to adjust to a new baby in the house, which caused his anxiety to increase. Being just a young boy himself, he has absolutely thrived since finding his new home near the ocean with a dachshund besotted family. He adores all his walks along the beach and has proved to be a real water lover. He has made his new family so happy to have their own real dachshund again in their lives rather than just making do with dachshund pyjamas ! (WA)