Available Dachshunds (Sausage Dog, Wiener Dog, Doxie) | Dog Rescue
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Available Dachshunds

Please note, not all dachshunds who require re-homing are advertised

Fortunately we are able to re-home many dachshunds through our existing database of applicants. If you would like to be considered for future adoptions, please complete the form at the link:

If you’re completing an adoption form for a particular dachshund, please mention which dachshund when you send through the form.

Ralph 2.5 year old miniature dachshund – Gippsland, Victoria

Ralph’s first year of life was one of instability, upheaval and separation from his much loved owner who was facing a life threatening illness. Consequently young Ralph developed anxiety creating problem behaviours such as nuisance barking and fear aggression. Car trips also bring on anxiety as these trips usually meant his Mum going into hospital and Ralph having to go elsewhere. His owners have spent the last eighteen months attempting to address these issues , including a burst of intensive training. While Ralph has learned to be well behaved on lead and is responsive to several commands, he remains an anxious boy. Sadly, his owners have come to the realisation that Ralph may only become his best self with a new family and environment. And this sweet boy has so much to offer the right family! 


Ralph is a loving and loyal. He adores his owners, craves their companionship and shadows them throughout the day. He is ever ready for kisses, cuddles and snuggles on the couch. Fun loving, playful and energetic describe Ralph’s enthusiasm for for life and activity. He loves long walks, wrestling and playing chasey with other dachshunds.


Ralph needs a home with calm, assertive owners who can set boundaries and continue rewards based training. There needs to be someone at home most of the day and a willingness to include Ralph with all family activities. Ralph would benefit from having a stable female doggy companion who enjoys a good play, or could go as an only depending on the circumstances. A large garden with room to run is desirable.


Ralph is not suited to a home with young children, cats or birds.

He is desexed, Vaccinated and microchipped # 956000006723770. Adoption fee $550

Please complete an online adoption form first and contact sharman@dachshundrescue.com.au to register your interest.

“Big Boy, Big Heart” *GOING ON TWO WEEK TRIAL*

Standard Wire hair 

5 years / 15 kgs



Sergeant Ketchup is a ruggedly handsome boy with a manly wild boar coat.  He has a lovely nature being quiet, affectionate and smart. Best of all Ketchup has a heart filled with love for his special  family members and often can be found draped across his owners feet while he works from home. 


Sergeant Ketchup has always suffered from anxiety. This manifests as fear aggression towards dogs who encroach his space or strangers such as delivery men. He has not yet caused serious injuries but he could. In addition Ketchup does not understand his size, and when excited jumps up with some force. For these reasons Ketchup cannot be rehomed with children or pets and needs an owner with the physical strength to manage him.


Ideally Ketchup’s new home would be somewhere quiet, have a large garden to freely explore, and one where his owners are about most of the day. Ketchup would benefit from long daily walks , training exercises to keep him mentally challenged and affection so that he feels safe and loved. With all this in place, Sergeant Ketchup will have the best chance to live an incident free life where he can spend his days chasing shadows in the garden, snoozing in the sun and snuggling with his humans.


If you feel Ketchup could be right for you, please complete an online application and contact yvette@dachshundrescue.com.au for a detailed profile of Ketchup. 

Adoption fee $550


3 year old Bonnie and 1.5 year old Cookie – Ringwood, Victoria. *GOING ON TWO WEEK TRIAL*

Since this pair arrived in their current family, circumstances have changed within the family and the girls are spending more time on their own. They need to be in a home where their owners have time to give to the girls as they could greatly benefit from some socialisation and training.

They are extremely affectionate to their family and have no issues with children, they just love the attention and in fact crave attention. When visitors come to the house, after the initial bark, they’re welcomed too.

Out walking and seeing other dogs they are a naughty pair of dachshunds who have missed out on socialisation skills with other dogs.  Therefore, they will need an experienced owner to help them overcome their less than desirable traits, or an owner who is prepared to take them to training. They will also need daily exercise and walks.

They are desexed, vaccinated and microchipped. Adoption fee $850

Microchip # 900164001661283 and 953010004169381

Please complete an online adoption form first and contact sharman@dachshundrescue.com.au


Brie, 10 years old, 10 kilograms, Sunshine Coast *APPLICATIONS CLOSED – GOING ON A MEET AND GREET*

Beautiful Brie was rescued from a situation of neglect and abuse aged two years old. This has left her with emotional scars and some behavioural problems. Brie is not house trained and is fearful of men. Although gentle and affectionate towards family members, Brie has occasionally nipped adults who have patted her unexpectedly or or invaded her space. However she adores children  and laps up attention from them.

Brie has no interest in playing games but will frolic under a sprinkler and chase water from a hose. She loves to swim, especially in a dam. Less endearing is Brie’s strong prey drive resulting in the death of ducklings and chickens. She is not tolerant of dogs smaller than herself and it is unlikely that Brie is cat friendly.  However she would love a male buddy; either a calm, sociable dachshund or a larger dog.

Brie is best suited to a home where someone is there most of the day  and  able to give her the attention she yearns while limiting opportunities for barking. Her new family needs to be patient with toilet training and can lovingly help this sweet senior adapt to her new home.

If interested, Please complete an online application highlighting your interest in Brie or if you already have an application in place contact yvette@dachshundrescue.com.au