Available Dachshunds (Sausage Dog, Wiener Dog, Doxie) | Dog Rescue
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Available Dachshunds

Please note, not all dachshunds who require re-homing are advertised

Fortunately we are able to re-home many dachshunds through our existing database of applicants. If you would like to be considered for future adoptions, please complete the form at the link:

If you’re completing an adoption form for a particular dachshund, please mention which dachshund when you send through the form.

Sadie 9 years old and Bella 7 years old, Sydney “GOING ON TWO WEEK TRIAL”

Sadie and Bella were used as breeding dogs who spent their lives in cages.  A few weeks ago the breeder was closing down and the dogs were on the pts list.  Thankfully a vet contacted DRA and the girls were put in foster care with an amazing Mother and Daughter who have nursed the girls back to good health and shown them a different life.  These girls had the most dreadful dental disease and Bella had such a severe overbite it was amazing that she could even eat as her jaw had basically rotted.  They have now received the dental care they needed and have much fewer teeth as a result and Bella’s jaw has been strengthened along with tooth extractions.  Thank you to the vets for their incredible care with these two girls.

Meanwhile these gentle girls have a real zest for life and have come through their operations extremely well and are now looking for their new homes together.

Having most of her teeth removed has not prevented Bella from discovering her appetite who is now enjoying 2 meals a day and she has also discovered the wonderful world of treats. She is the more curious of the two and wants to discover everything.  After cage life she loves to run and run and jump, racing up and down the hallway all bringing her so much pleasure.  Learning to walk on a leash was an easy transition for Bella and as such she walks beautifully beside you and both girls have such smiles on their faces as they discover the world on leash. Because Bella hasn’t had contact with other breeds, going to the park is quite scary but she is learning to greet other dogs and has no aggression other than being hesitant.  She is the smoochiest dog and loves cuddling up to you.

Sadie is a very playful and energetic 9 year old who has discovered her inner puppy.  She is affectionate, curious and confident and loves going in the car to the park.  She is happy to observe dogs from a distance but doesn’t like them to get too close to her.

When the girls first saw grass they were extremely hesitant to go on it.  They have been using puppy pads very successfully and they are meticulous in going on them. Training is in the process of moving the pads to outdoors and having the girls toilet outside on them.

If you can open your home to these gorgeous natured girls and will continue with their training and taking them on adventures, then please contact sharman@dachshundrescue.com.au

Microchip # 900006000148839: 900006000210772 Adoption fee $500



Dasha 1 year old mini smooth female – Gold Coast – *ON TWO WEEK TRIAL*

Dasha is a super affectionate little girl who adores her family, but to the extent that she doesn’t want to let them out of her sight and she gets extremely anxious when they disappear.  She is really well behaved when she’s at home with her family and has been very patient with their young toddler son and other little ones, but gets startled if he starts playing with his toys in a noisy way.

Dasha was socialised with a labrador and a golden retriever who belong to other family members and whilst she’s fine with them she is selective in liking other dogs on walks and will benefit from some training.  Due to her separation anxiety we are looking for a home where perhaps you have parents who live on the same block or you work from home. Dasha also needs another dachshund or small dog so she has their company to hopefully calm some of her nerves. Dasha would also benefit from learning that she is not the protector of her family, but rather her parents will protect her.

If you are an experienced dachshund owner and feel you can offer the right circumstances for Dasha, please contact sharman@dachshundrescue.com.au and if you haven’t already, then please complete an online adoption form and put on there you’re coming in for Dasha.

Adoption fee $750 Microchip #9910030000302856

Lolly 12 years old (4.3 Kg) and Cookie 10 years old (7kg) – Melbourne.

Delightful seniors, Lolly and Cookie are a bonded pair who are seeking a loving home together. Both girls are affectionate and love cuddles. Little princess Lolly loves to snuggle on your lap while Cookie’s happy place is lying in the sunshine. Both girls enjoy road trips and are excellent travellers.


Lolly and Cookie have minor challenges that need ongoing monitoring and management. Lolly has always been slightly anxious, and with her owners return to work post covid, has needed calming medication. Cookie was adversely affected by Lily’s separation anxiety and consequently has medication as well. In addition, Lolly has occasional epileptic seizures of a short duration. This condition does not require medication.  Twice Cookie has shown signs of back soreness. This was resolved with a course of anti-inflammatories. Other than that both ladies are fit, agile and in excellent health.


These gorgeous girls are looking for a retired person or couple who are calm, patient , and who are home most of the time. A single storey home would be ideal and one without cats or birds.

If you’re looking for loving lap dogs then perhaps  Cookie and Lolly would be perfect for you.

Please complete an online adoption form and contact karan@dachshundrescue.com.au

941000002515203 Lolly

943094320308647 Cookie

Jensen – 7 year old (approx 9 kilos) – Bega, NSW “WILL BE GOING ON A TWO WEEK TRIAL”

Jensen is a lovely natured and cuddly boy, who lost his old mate George and is rather bereft and needs another dog in his life again.

A typical dachshund who loves human company and his cuddles on the couch.  Whilst he can be a bit of a lounge lizard he also gets very excited when he goes out walking and being so eager he can pull on the lead with all the excitement.

Jensen doesn’t enjoy the company of little people as he can find them a bit overwhelming.  As a puppy  Jensen was also brought up with a cat. He will need a home with a retired family or home based work as he will bark and be anxious if left for long periods on his own, together with another gentle dog.

He is desexed, vaccinated microchip #943094320430512

Adoption fee $500. Please complete an online adoption form and contact karan@dachshundrescue.com.au




Brie, 10 years old, 10 kilograms, Sunshine Coast *APPLICATIONS CLOSED – GOING ON A MEET AND GREET*

Beautiful Brie was rescued from a situation of neglect and abuse aged two years old. This has left her with emotional scars and some behavioural problems. Brie is not house trained and is fearful of men. Although gentle and affectionate towards family members, Brie has occasionally nipped adults who have patted her unexpectedly or or invaded her space. However she adores children  and laps up attention from them.

Brie has no interest in playing games but will frolic under a sprinkler and chase water from a hose. She loves to swim, especially in a dam. Less endearing is Brie’s strong prey drive resulting in the death of ducklings and chickens. She is not tolerant of dogs smaller than herself and it is unlikely that Brie is cat friendly.  However she would love a male buddy; either a calm, sociable dachshund or a larger dog.

Brie is best suited to a home where someone is there most of the day  and  able to give her the attention she yearns while limiting opportunities for barking. Her new family needs to be patient with toilet training and can lovingly help this sweet senior adapt to her new home.

If interested, Please complete an online application highlighting your interest in Brie or if you already have an application in place contact yvette@dachshundrescue.com.au