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Available Dachshunds

Please note, not all dachshunds who require re-homing are advertised

Fortunately we are able to re-home many dachshunds through our existing database of applicants. If you would like to be considered for future adoptions, please complete the form at the link:

If you’re completing an adoption form for a particular dachshund, please mention which dachshund when you send through the form.

At 12 years of age, Luke is looking for a lovely family to welcome him into their home.

Luke is a happy boy who enjoys his daily walks and sniffing around.  He walks very well on the lead but sometimes does have a little growl or bark at bigger dogs.  He is friendly and playful with dogs his own size or smaller.  Luke loves to spend his days sunning himself. Like all dachshunds, Luke absolutely loves to be with his humans.  Luke needs to go to a home where his owners will be around majority of the day as he does have separation anxiety and will bark when left alone for long periods.  Although he has always been an only dachshund, he could live with another friendly dachshund or dog.  Luke is not a fan of cats.

Luke is affectionate and very loyal to those he loves the most.

At 14kg, Luke is a true standard dachshund originally from New Zealand.  He is toilet trained, de sexed and up to date with his vaccinations.  Adoption fee: $300

If you would like to adopt this beautiful boy into your family please contact ruth@dachshundrescue.com.au for further details.

Please note we also have a 10 year old standard male dachshund in NSW looking for a home.


Please note that due to Covid restrictions in Melbourne we would like to keep him in Victoria.

MICROCHIP NUMBER 978101080248171


Barney and Bruiser 8 year old brothers – Big Boys, Big Hearts – Coomera, Qld. *ADOPTED*

Barney and Bruiser are standard dachshunds with dashing good looks and masculine charms.

These heavyweights are an energetic pair who love a daily walk, going to the beach, and playing ‘zoomies’ in the house and back garden. The prospect of a walk incites high excitement in the boys and while this is initially challenging, the pair soon settle, and are easily managed on lead as they get into their rhythm.

Barney and Bruiser are relatively independent lads who can be left on their oan be left outside for a day without the neighbours complaining. They while away the hours sun baking sleeping and of course, playing with each other and love chewing on bones. When arriving home their family is greeted with much enthusiasm and excitement.

Barney and Bruiser would love a family where someone is home most days, who will commit to regular exercise and have a fitness level to match their energy. Bruiser is not keen on toddlers and young children who cannot respect his space. However both boys are friendly towards school aged children and teenagers.

If you would like two affectionate boys in your life, Barney and Bruiser could just meet your brief.

Bruiser:  14 kgs           Microchip        # 985170002596021
Barney:  16 kgs           Microchip        # 985170002700915

Adoption fee $500 Please contact sharman@dachshundrescue.com.au

AUDREY – dachshund x poodle – Canberra – *APPLICATIONS CLOSED*

Audrey is a dachshund x poodle girl who is almost three years old. She is sweet, friendly and affectionate. Fun loving Audrey is searching for a new home due to no fault of her own.

Audrey truly deserves her nomination as the world’s best dog as she is loving and perfectly behaved. Audrey rarely barks, walks on the lead without pulling, enjoys car travel, and is well socialised with other dogs of all sizes and breeds. Her favourite pastime is visiting the local dog park where she entices canine friends into games of chasey, mock fighting and fetching ball.

Sadly, Audrey has recently been separated from her lifelong buddy, a black and tan male, mini dachshund. She misses him dearly and whimpers when left home alone. This is a new behaviour that should resolve with an easy going but playful canine companion.

To date Audrey has enjoyed an active lifestyle that included two daily walks, outings to cafes, bush hikes and swimming at the beach. Audrey would like her new human family to commit to regular exercise, fun activities and including her into their daily life. In return she can offer you a zest for living, enthusiastic greetings, loyalty and affection.

Audrey is timid in the presence of young children and finds men intimidating. When approached, she hides between her owner’s legs but does not bark or display any signs of aggression. Therefore, Audrey’s preference is for an adult family or one with caring older teenagers.

If you think the delightful Audrey would suit your family and lifestyle, please contact yvette@dachshundrescue.com.au

Microchip # 956000009379291 Adoption Fee $400

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