Available Dachshunds (Sausage Dog, Wiener Dog, Doxie) | Dog Rescue
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Available Dachshunds

Please note, not all dachshunds who require re-homing are advertised

Fortunately we are able to re-home many dachshunds through our existing database of applicants. If you would like to be considered for future adoptions, please complete the form at the link:

If you’re completing an adoption form for a particular dachshund, please mention which dachshund when you send through the form.

Dash, 4 year old, approx 10 kilos, NSW

Dash is living with two other male dachshunds, which he is not enjoying,  and as a result is displaying anxiety, patrolling the fence line and marking inside. His owners have done obedience work with him and he’s proved to be an eager student who wants to please and he will also benefit from ongoing training.  Quite often when a dachshund goes to a different home, the anxiety diminishes and they become more relaxed.

In this respect Dash is looking for a home with a family who is experienced with the breed, perhaps have a female dog and teenage children will be fine.  However, he wouldn’t suit a home with chickens and he hasn’t been exposed to cats.

Dash is a playful and loving boy who loves a cuddle and snuggling up in his blanket in front of the heater.  He is also an enthusiastic runner so sound fencing is imperative. Dash can use a doggy door and he likes to have access to enjoy outdoors.

He is desexed and vaccinated.

Microchip # 943094322008241

Adoption fee $450

Please complete an online adoption form and contact karan@dachshundrescue.com.au

(not available for interstate adoption)

Arnold – 4 year old – Adelaide

Arnold is the most handsome and sweetest looking little boy but he has some serious attitude.  At 9kg and only 4 years old, Arnold will need to go to a home where his new owners will be prepared to go back to the basics to train him.  Arnold has been aggressive to people he doesn’t know.  He lunges, barks and tries to jump up people’s legs when out walking.  Arnold has got to be the one and only pet in the home where he can be the recipient of all the attention, love and guidance to learn what is acceptable behaviour.  Arnold can not go to a home where there are children living there or who may visit regularly.   Despite all this, Arnold is a very loving dachshund to those he loves the most and likes to be in the company of his humans.  Arnold is desexed and up to date with vaccinations.  Adoption Fee: $500.  If you are an experienced dachshund owner and are prepared to work hard to ensure that Arnold becomes a happy dachshund both inside his home and outside on walks and adventures, then please fill in an adoption form found on our website and contact ruth@dachshundrescue.com.au

Microchip Number: 9820 004 0595 8014

Rosie – 3 year old – Adelaide

Rosie is a lovely 3 year old 5.4kg mini dachshund looking for a new home.  As she has started to approach adulthood she has become quite dominant and has started to terrorise the other older resident dog.  Because of this, we are looking for a home where she will be the one and only pet in the house so that she can receive all the love and attention.  Rosie tends to bark and lunge when out walking on a lead but she loves to run around so a semi-rural property would be ideal for her.  Rosie is not used to young children but a family with older kids and someone home majority of the day would make her a very happy girl.  Rosie is desexed and up to date with her vaccinations.  Adoption fee: $500.  If you would like to welcome beautiful Rosie into your home where she will be part of the family, please fill in an adoption form found on our website and contact ruth@dachshundrescue.com.au.

MICROCHIP NUMBER 9000 3200 291 4001