Contact Dachshund Rescue Australia | Call 0413 349650
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Animal Cruelty


Do not delay! Report to the RSPCA:


General Enquiries




Rehoming / Foster Enquiries


For enquiries in all States except Western Australia:


0421 129627

Sharman Moore

Karan Cleveland
0490 382886

Ruth Salminen

0413 349650


Chris Moore


Karan Cleveland
0490 382886



Western Australia

Penny Hodgson
0449 191962


Jo Tetlow
0412 390 546


Andrew Curran
0448 814 044


Business / Sponsorship Enquiries


Sarah Haora with Maluka & Avalon
Business Support Liaison & Ambassador Promoter




Thank you very much to all our volunteers including:


Hannah Prime
Dachshund Health & Fundraising Coordinator


Sarah Haora with Maluka & Avalon
Business Support Liaison & Ambassador Promoter


Mark Ellis & Obi Wan
ACT  &  Country New South Wales Awareness and Fundraising Ambassadors


Foster Carers


To apply to be a foster carer, please click below:


Foster Carer Application Form


Dachshund Rescue Australia Inc.
Charity number CFN/23452.
Registered by the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission.

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