Contact Dachshund Rescue Australia | Call 0413 349650
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Animal Cruelty


Do not delay! Report to the RSPCA:


General Enquiries




Rehoming / Foster Enquiries


For enquiries in ALL States:

Karan Cleveland
0490 382886



0421 129627


Ruth Salminen
0413 349650


Sharman Moore




Karan Cleveland
0490 382886



Perth, WA

Jo Tetlow – 0412390546



South West WA only:

Penny Hodgson
0449 191962


Business / Sponsorship Enquiries


Sarah Haora with Maluka & Avalon
Business Support Liaison & Ambassador Promoter




Thank you very much to all our volunteers including:


Hannah Prime
Dachshund Health & Fundraising Coordinator


Sarah Haora with Maluka & Avalon
Business Support Liaison & Ambassador Promoter


Mark Ellis & Obi Wan
ACT  &  Country New South Wales Awareness and Fundraising Ambassadors


Foster Carers


To apply to be a foster carer, please click below:


Foster Carer Application Form


Dachshund Rescue Australia Inc.
Charity number CFN/23452.
Registered by the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission.