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Hi! My Name Is Eleven 5 NSW

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Positive Attributes

  • Loving and affectionate with people he knows, especially family members
  • Enjoys walks and swimming in the backyard pool.
  • Constant companion who will follow his owners about and loves being included in daily activities
  • Has been tolerant and patient with the resident toddler


  • Highly anxious boy presenting as fear aggression towards strangers and constant need for attention and companionship.
  • Owners limit the number of visitors as Eleven becomes very anxious and constantly barks and they fear he will bite if the interaction is overdone.
  • Grade 5 IVDD in March 2021. Treated conservatively and successfully with chiropractic intervention.

Ideal Home

  • Calm assertive owner(s) who are experienced with managing dachshunds with anxiety related problems and will be committed to rewards-based training
  • Toddler, or young child free home with a quiet lifestyle and a structured, predictable routine
  • Someone is home most of the time for companionship and to reinforce good behaviors
  • Financial resources available to support IVDD needs present and future
  • May benefit from companionship of a placid, stable female canine companion.

Handsome Eleven is a loyal and affectionate dachshund who adores his family members. He shadows his owners throughout the day, eager to be included in their daily activities. Eleven has grown up with a resident toddler, showing patience and tolerance with not so gentle interactions. Eleven enjoys an active lifestyle that includes regular walks and swimming in the backyard pool. 

However, Eleven is a highly anxious boy who presents with fear aggression towards strangers and a need for constant companionship. Eleven’s owners limit the number of visitors as he constantly barks at them.  Although Eleven has received training with some improvements made, there has been little follow through in recent times. Trazadone is used to treat anxiety, and is given intermittently before certain events/activities (e.g. visitors, vet, etc.) 

Eleven’s life has been further compromised by a Grade 5 IVDD incident in March 2021. This was treated conservatively and successfully with chiropractic intervention. Eleven regained his mobility but when over exercised begins to show soreness in his back by limping. This seems to be exacerbated by jumping up and running up and down stairs in his current, two storied home.

Microchip #953010001056868


  • Dachshund Miniature – Smooth
  • Male
  • Adult (5-9 Years) (25/05/2016) - Actual
  • 9 Kilograms
  • New South Wales
  • Dapple
  • Intelligent
  • I Like Kids Over 6
  • I Only Like Small Dogs
  • Not Tested With Cats
  • I Like Some Small Animals
  • I Have Not Been Tested with Livestock
  • I'm Trained
Special Needs (Emotional)
Experienced Dog Owner Required,  Calm Home/Quiet Environment Required,  Has Separation Anxiety
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