I'm ready for my new family!

Hi! My Name Is Zeus (4) Victoria

I'm Available

Handsome and healthy
Smart and obedient; learns quickly with food rewards
Loving, affectionate and loyal
Previously a sociable and friendly towards other dogs both on lead and in dog parks

Zeus has been seen by a Behaviourist Vet. He has a diagnosis of fear aggression and resource guarding. He is on medication to promote a calm state of mind. Zeus needs ongoing rewards based training only
Zeus has bitten visitors to the home including a child
Zeus has developed fear aggression following a dog attack, and has become increasingly territorial since multiple lockdowns in Melbourne

Ideal Home
An owner who has considerable experience with rewards based training and understands dog behaviours
An owner who is home most of the time to provide companionship as well as training, exercise and mental stimulation activities
An owner who is healthy and strong to manage Zeus in an excitable state e.g. on walks when another dog approaches him
A calm, quiet household that has a structured, predictable daily routine.
Large backyard or garden in a quiet location
No resident or visiting children
No cats, other dogs, small pets , birds or chickens

Adoption fee $500

please contact yvette@dachshundrescue.com.au

Microchip # 991003000080943

  • Dachshund Standard – Smooth & Dachshund Miniature – Smooth
  • Male
  • Youth (2-5 Years) (02/09/2017)
  • 10 - 20 Kilograms
  • Dapple & Chocolate
  • Happy
  • I Don't Like Kids
  • I Like Select Dogs
  • Not Tested With Cats
  • I Don't Like Small Animals
  • I Have Not Been Tested with Livestock
  • I'm Trained
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