Arnold – WA

Arnold is looking for a home where he can just snuggle with his new owners.

He has however bitten kids before now and displays fear aggression.

He also will be snappy around his food.

The ideal new owner/s would need to have a quiet home with NO kids or grandchildren visiting.

Arnold would love it if you are home the majority of time and willing to walk him often.

The new owner needs to be prepared to do some in home and on lead training.

Arnold is not great with other dogs and is lead aggressive as well.

He currently lives with 2 cats and loves them.

Will Arnold fit in your home?

  • green-dog

    Mini Smooth

  • coin


  • color-palette


  • male


  • age

    5 Years 3 Months

  • dog

  • dog (1)

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  • little-kid

    I don't like kids

  • dog

    I don't like dogs

  • happy

    I like cats

  • track

    I like small animals

  • horse

  • dog-training

    I am trained

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