Austin (melbourne)

Young Austin’s owner’s work has changed significantly. She wants the very best for him and thinks he deserves it.

He likes the company of other dachshunds, and participates in local walks. Big dog scare him, he is far more relaxed amongst his breed.

Dachshund savvy owners and a female dachshund for company would be a good match.

Austin is an affectionate boy, currently he loves burrowing under the cover and sleeping in the human bed.

A home with a grassed area for Austin to sun bathe in and explore.

Owners that enjoy having their dachshund, indoors part of the family.

He is a sensitive soul and will make a lovely companion.

Daily enrichment, quiet walks around the local surrounds.

Austin can be nervous around younger children, Older children preferable.

No cats or Bunnies.

Please submit an adoption application if you have the home for Austin.







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    Mini Smooth

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    3 years 5 months

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    I like kids

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    I like dogs

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    I don't like cats

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    I don't like small animals

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