Bear Sydney, NSW

* Big Boy Bear – Affectionate and Adaptable*

After four years of instability including an inappropriate placement in a group home, and several owners, loveable Bear is looking for a family to call his own.

With all the uncertainty in his life, it is not surprising that poor Bear has developed anxiety related problems. Bear is wary of strangers. When approached unexpectedly or offered an uninvited pat, he may nip. However with familiar people Bear is gentle and affectionate. Bear has not been well socialised with other dogs and when out walking will bark at them. He will also bark when left alone.

Overall Bear has a sweet nature and a happy disposition. He has shown adaptability to a variety of people and situations. It is believed that with a stable home, time and patience , Bear will become a loving and loyal companion.

Bear is looking for his forever home now. He is available to foster with view to adoption. His ideal home has the following features:

  • A calm household with a predictable daily routine, located in a quiet neighbourhood.
  • Adult owners who are patient, nurturing and home most of the time
  • All members of the family are committed to ongoing, rewards based training and socialisation
  • Bear is valued and included in family life, including daily walks and outings
  • No children, cats , birds or small pets. A placid, friendly female dog may be acceptable. Interstate to Victoria and Queensland may be possible.

If you are an breed experienced owner, willing to open your home and heart to a deserving dachshund, please apply. For further information, contact [email protected]

* Please note that while Bear is registered as a dachshund, it is not known if he is pure bred.

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