Most senior dachshunds are overlooked in favour of young ones, however as Frisco stands testament, they have much to offer.

  1. ‘What you see, is what you get’. Frisco is a reserved but friendly old gent with a fine pedigree.
  2. ‘Experience a chilled lifestyle’. Frisco enjoys a quiet days where he can be a couch potato or lie outside in the sunshine.
  3. ‘Seniors appreciate a second chance at happiness’. Once Frisco has settled in he will be thankful for snuggles, a cosy bed, treats, and of course your companionship.
  4. ‘A frosty face is irresistible’. How could you not love Frisco’s sweet face?
  5. ‘Dachshunds live long lives’. Although Frisco is 12, it is possible he will live to 16 years or beyond.

Features of an Ideal Home

  • Someone is home most of the time. As Frisco is an anxious boy when left alone, he needs companionship.
  • Easy, stepless access to a garden with sunny nooks
  • A gentle older female dog to be his buddy
  • No young children, cats or small animals

For further information, please contact [email protected]

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    Standard Smooth

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    Black & Tan

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    12 Years 4 Months

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