Heidi (12) Tasmania

Searching for a Forever Home

Poor Heidi’s world has been turned upside down. After workers deemed Heidi a risk to the provision of care, she has been taken from much loved elderly owner. This gentle standard dachshund whose hearing and eyesight are failing is pining and bewildered in her current abode. The three resident miniature dachshunds have rejected her and Heidi is feeling alone and abandoned.

After providing companionship and comfort to her owner whose abilities were diminishing across the past twelve years, it is now Heidi’s turn to be loved and nurtured. She needs someone who can provide a welcoming home, gentle words of reassurance, affection in abundance and of course, a cosy bed.

If you meet the following criteria, please apply for Heidi

  • You live in Tasmania
  • You can easily manage  caring for this big girl as Heidi is a 20 kg dachshund
  • Preferably your home is single level home with easy access to a garden
  • You have nurturing, affectionate and patient personality who can meet the needs of an ageing dachshund.

For further information about sweet Heidi, please contact

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