Beau Hulu, Melb VIC.

Beau Hulu is a very happy, affectionate and totally devoted Dachshund,  He bonds closely  to those humans in his life and will be your shadow around the house. 

Hulu loves tucking up in a warm bed and a good snuggle, if your looking for a buddy to snuggle up to, Hulu is your boy!, (he is the ultimate lap dog).

A very typical Dachshund is Hula, (all the usual traits!) loves going for his walks, walks nicely on the leash but in true Daxie Style, he will bark at other dogs through Anxiety.

Having always been an only dog, we feel  Hulu would be happiest staying that way or possibly with a female Dachshund of a similar maturity.

Hulu loves playing fetch with a tennis ball, food, food and more food (not a fussy eater!) and lots of one on one time with his favourite human.

Affectionate and sensitive, Hulu licks  your face or sit on your lap if he senses you are upset.

If you can offer a loving  calm sanctuary (no Children under 10) work from home or around during the day with plenty of time, please complete the application to adopt.

Interstate applicants are welome if you can drive approx halfway to meet Hulu.

For further information please email [email protected]







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