Lilly 2.5 year old mini long QLD)

Lilly was in a busy family home with 3 very young children and as a result less time was being given to Lilly. In spite of the busy home, Lilly's owner had put a lot of effort into her training which made her a dream to rehome. The brief was to find a home for Lilly where she would be the Princess of the house and that is exactly where she has ended up! Her new Dad fell in love with her immediately, and since Klaus the resident dachshund is a Mummy's boy, the dynamics of a dachshund for each of them was perfect. Over the past couple of weeks Lilly has learnt what toys and play are all about and she and Klaus now have lots of fun chasing each other around and teasing each other in play. When they've finally exhausted themselves, if Lilly is not on someone's lap then she's sleeping on top of Klaus. (Qld)

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