Louie, 8yrs, Bendigo, VIC.

Louie is a lovable little boy who is looking for a his forever home.

Louie really is very affectionate and cuddly, he loves to scope out whose lap he can snuggle up to.  He is used to living inside and as such is toilet trained, however he will need some guidance and reminders in his new home. (especially if its cold/wet outside) He has previously used a doggie door, so with some refresher training should figure out how to use again.  He doesnt suffer from seperation anxiety and is fine to leave alone, as long as he is has access to being inside.  He will bark if he is left outside.  Louis sleeps in the lounge room in his basket.

Louie’s favourite things are anything food related and also following the sunny patches around inside the house.  He also enjoys a walk where he can get out and about to stimulate his doggie senses.

We think that Louie would be best going to a home with no children or other pets.   Louie resource guards items that he sees as prized possessions, toys, food…etc.  An experienced dachshund owner who understands and is able to manage this behaviour would be best suited for Louie.

If you think that you can provide a great forever home for Louie, please fill out an application form.

Not available for interstate adoption unless you can drive to meet Louie.

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