Mortadella (Morty) Victoria.

Mortadella, or Morty for short, is a handsome young boy that is living the busy city life, but yearning for a quieter lifestyle where he can relax into a calm routine and not have to worry about the hustle and bustle of city living.


  • Morty has developed some behavioural issues and will need an experienced dachshund owner to commit to his ongoing training.  Morty holds what he has very close to him, and as such resource guards and stresses easily when other dogs and people come too close too quickly.  Once introduced properly, he generally calms down but this can take some time and patience and will need somebody experienced to control meet and greet environments.
  • Morty startles easily with loud noises or anything unexpected.  This could be a bike/skateboard or an unexpected house visitor that he doesnt know…he reacts by barking and working himself up.
  • He will need an owner whom is home most of the day, as Morty suffers seperation anxiety.  His current owners have worked hard at gradual exposure to longer times alone,  and although he has improved Morty will still work himself up and bark continually if left alone for long times.


  • Morty is very sweet and loving with the people that he knows and trusts.  He loves his face being tickled, lying in the sun and playing with his squeaky toys with his prawn being his favourite.  If the weather is warm enough Morty is also up for a swim.
  • He is a smart little boy who has learnt to press his ‘pee bell’ when wanting to be let out to do his toilet business.
  • A great sleeper, once in bed will stay in bed all night and even happy to have a little sleep in!
  • We have been told Morty isnt stressed by fireworks or thunderstorms.

Ideal Home:

Morty’s ideal home would be an experienced dachshund owner who has a calm, quiet routine and can commit to his ongoing training.  Somebody home for most of the time would help alleviate his seperation anxiety.  He would LOVE a well behaved calm doggie friend to help teach him that the world isnt that scary.  Morty would also like to have a house where he has a good sized backyard for him to explore and play in.  No interstate adoption.  Please do not apply if you have young children or a busy household.

For further information please contact [email protected]



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