Reggie – Rowville VIC

Reggie is a very good looking dachshund who is looking for his new home.

Due to changes in his home, Reggie now finds himself alone for long periods at a time which is not ideal.  Reggie is becoming anti-social as he becomes more clingy to his owner.

Reggie would thrive in a mature home where he will be with his owners majority of the day.

Reggie enjoys his walks but can lunge and bark at other dogs he comes across. Reggie likes to have a bark when people come to the door and has been known to nip if he feels he or his current owner are threatened.  Reggie would not be suitable in a home where there were children.

Reggie’s new owners will need to be prepared to train Reggie so he can enjoy social experiences.

Reggie would like to be able to spend time in the garden enjoying the warm sun.  He is an affectionate dachshund to those he loves the most and enjoys cuddles and lap time.

Not for flights.

Please fill in an adoption form to apply to adopt Reggie.


  • green-dog

    Mini Smooth

  • coin


  • color-palette

    Black & Tan

  • male


  • age

    3 and a half

  • dog

  • dog (1)

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  • little-kid

    I don't like kids

  • dog

    I don't like dogs

  • happy

    I don't like cats

  • track

    I don't like small animals

  • horse

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    I am trained

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