Scooby Doo (1)QLD*going into foster care, we will assess applications once he is ready to be rehomed*


Scooby Doo is a confused little boy having only been with his current owners for one week. Not surprisingly he whines and barks when they are not in sight. Scooby’s high level of distress and failure to settle at night is affecting household equilibrium. Everybody, including the other resident dogs, are on edge.

However Scooby has many endearing qualities. He is a handsome boy who is loving towards his special people . Heaven for Scooby is to be near them always, especially if this involves snuggling on the couch. Scooby has enjoyed playing the dogs and he is not fussed by the family cat.

Scooby’s ideal home is as follows:

  • Someone is about most of the day
  • Commitment to training positive doggy behaviours and minimising separation anxiety
  • A young dachshund or similar sized dog, preferably female for companionship and play
  • Older children and dog chilled cats are okay

For further information, please contact [email protected]


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    Mini Smooth

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    Black & Tan

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    1 years

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    I like cats

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    I like small animals

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