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Dachshund Rescue Australia Inc (DRA) aims to ensure that every dachshund in Australia has a safe and loving home.


Dachshund Rescue Australia Inc. was started in 2009 to raise the profile of dachshunds needing rescue and rehoming across all States of Australia.  DRA became an Incorporated Not for Profit Association and officially gained Charity status in April 2014.

DRA has developed a reputation as an ethical breed specific Organisation within the animal welfare community and continue to build positive relationships  founded on open and respectful communication with shelters or pounds, other rescue groups, registered breeders and members of the Dachshund Community.

We understand that life changes for people and we accept surrenders from current owners who are looking to rehome their dachshund responsibly.  Whether it is a family break up, moving overseas, an owner has passed away, no longer enough time to spend with your dachshund, children or any other number of reasons they come for rehoming, we work with you in a non- judgemental manner to make sure that your dachshund goes to a home where they will be ideally suited.  Our dachshunds are placed with people who know and understand the quirks of this breed.

Pounds are extremely stressful places for a dachshund so please contact us for help so that they do not have to go through one.  We do not charge for helping you rehome your dachshund and we do not judge anybody who needs to rehome.

Dachshund Rescue Australia Inc.
Charity number CFN/23452.
Registered by the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission.

Our Founders


Sharman Moore

Dachshunds have been ever-present throughout Sharman’s life across three continents with Evie being the 5th dachshund owned by Sharman.

After moving to Australia in 1997, Sharman setup a number of dachshund-related business including the first dachshund-specific shop ‘My Dachshund Online’ and a Dachshund Daycare. Sharman was also a founding member of the Sydney ‘Dachshunds In The Park’ meetup group.

Through these businesses and meetups, people often contacted Sharman to discuss all things dachshund.

One day, Sharman learned of a couple of elderly dachshunds in a shelter on the Sydney Northern Beaches and volunteered to walk the dachshunds and help find them a home. This was the beginning of Dachshund Rescue Australia.


Chris Moore (1947-2020)

Chris’ love and knowledge of dachshunds had few equals. Chris grew up in Darwin with a household of standard smooth dachshunds but is most reknown for the breeding and showing of her ‘Zyzeal’ Mini Long-haired dachshunds.

An active member of the Dachshund Club of NSW, Chris served as secretary of the club during the 1990s and showed her beloved Zyzeals to many top honours.

Chris retired from showing her dogs in 2009 and turned her focus to helping rehome dachshund of all varieties across NSW on behalf of the club.

Following a meeting with Sharman in 2009, Chris merged the Dachshund Club’s rescue services with Sharman’s rescue services to help dachshunds all across Australia under the Banner of Dachshund Rescue Australia.

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