rehomed 2020 pg2 - Dachshund Rescue Australia
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rehomed 2020 pg2


Tommy Tucker’s life is filled with exciting new experiences, interesting walks and the joy of being an inside dog once more. His human works from home so can offer him reassurance and companionship throughout the day. Now that Tommy’s dental work has been done, including multiple extractions, his mouth is in good shape to enjoy healthy treats and meals. This portly senior is a very happy gentleman and is showing his delight with puppy like antics. Tommy’s new owner is besotted with him. (Vic)

George is an excitable boy wanting to see the world in a hurry and sadly for George, at 16 months old he came into DRA looking for his 3rd home.

He has now been welcomed by another dachshund, Dusty, who is calm with lovely manners and thus a great match for George who is learning by watching Dusty being chilled out.  In his new country home with a lake to walk by with lots of interesting birds to enrich his life, George has finally hit the jackpot.  When the boys aren’t out walking, they’re sharing toys, running up and down corridors before finally collapsing and snuggling up on the couch together. (Vic)

All Luna ever wanted was a quiet life and her own loving human to shadow throughout the day. This sweet little girl hit the jackpot. Luna lives on a rural property with her own huge garden to explore and a retired couple devoted to providing her with every comfort. She has home cooked meals, daily excursions in a golf buggy to check the cows, and regular outings to Nambucca Heads. Life is wonderful! (Northern NSW)

Young at heart retirees  Ann and Rob, did not hesitate to travel up to northern NSW to collect three year old fun loving Florence with whom they are perfectly matched. All have a joy for living and the energy to engage in the activities that Florence loves.  Playing fetch, long beach walks, car trips  and socialising with the extended family. And when the adventures are over, Florence enjoys leisurely hours snuggled up with her new loving family. (NSW)

Loveable Louie has been welcomed into a family of four including two doting children. Dad permanently works from home so Louie has the companionship he craves. Not to mention daily walks to and from school, bedtime stories with the children and weekends away to a country property. Louie feels a much loved member of his new family. Just what he deserves ! (Vic)

Frankie is a beautiful standard boy with a sensitive nature.   Although it was a difficult decision to rehome Frankie, he had started to get grumpy with the inquisitive toddler in the home and could not be trusted anymore.  Unfortunately dachshunds  quite often don’t tolerate little people very well and a number are rehomed for this reason.  Frankie is now living with a family who have adult children.  It took Frankie a few days to get used to the new daily activities with the frequent coming and goings.   There is usually someone at home and he also has a new friendly staffy x sister called Luna who was a shelter dog.  Frankie is a happy boy who enjoys his daily grooming, going on long walks, licking Luna’s ears and following his new mum around hoping for treats.  VIC

Chester came to DRA after the old family dog didn’t enjoy having a young dachshund to share his home with.  He was left in boarding kennels when DRA were asked to assist in his rehoming.  Thankfully for Chester, this affectionate standard boy has joined an owner who has lots of time and love to give, after her previous older rescue has passed away.  After being separated from family and being put in kennels, Chester has taken his time to feel secure and at ease but visiting extended family over Christmas he had cocker spaniels to bond with which has also helped him to cope. With a brand new bed which he loves and toys with squeakers, he’s beginning to feel that life is worth living again and Mum is enjoying having a dog part of her home again. (NSW)

Louie is a sensitive 5 year old who was extremely lonely and suffered separation anxiety. This was heightened when his Mum moved to an inner city apartment and he was given medication which wasn’t helping Louie, who howled for human company.

Louie now has a younger brother to play with, a big green backyard and an owner who is home based.  This ball driven boy has a lovely nature and has well and truly slotted in straightaway with his new brother, who had recently lost his partner in crime, and warmed to Louie immediately. When DRA attended to his vet work, the vet commented on the fact that Louie was besotted with his new Mum, as well as no longer requiring any medication for anxiety. (VIC)

At 11 years old, Sally the black and tan found herself homeless.  Fortunately for all concerned, a family found out that Sally was off to the pound and contacted DRA offering to help until we could sort out a home for her.  We are so grateful to the incredibly caring people that look out for dachshunds in need ensuring that life can continue for the oldies.

We then contacted a family who have had a previous rescue from us, Hilde, who recently passed away leaving their current dachshund Pippa behind.  Pippa was sorely missing her mate so she and Mum and Dad did a 5 hour car trip to go and meet Sally and off she went home with them!  Pippa is such a sweet girl she leaves an impression on everyone she meets and it’s a match made in heaven as Sally now has a loving secure home and Pippa has a new friend to get into mischief with.  As for the pair of them, the girls have got their owners well trained and they have a cart to hop into if their little legs get tired on long walks.  (QLD)

2 year old Bella’s Mum had to go into a nursing home so Bella’s aunty asked us to help find her a home where she could be happy and loved.  Well, Bella with her beautiful nature managed to ingratiate herself into a family with two dachshund boys, a human Mum and Dad and it didn’t take any of them long to fall in love with this gentle girl.  Bella was vastly overweight but with daily exercise around the garden to begin with, and a strict diet with lots of veggies, at her first weigh in she has already lost a massive 3 kilos, and as a result she’s become far more energetic and is even beginning to play with one of the boys, like the young dog she is. Unfortunately Bella’s back legs have been bent out and the vet seems to think this is due to the weight that she has been carrying around. Thank you Bella’s new family for doing all you are to help Bella become the dachshund she should be.(Vic).

This one year old little man Floyd, with the now big name of Otto Von Bismarck, was living in an apartment with a single Mum who was working two jobs and doing her very best to look after Floyd and his cat companion.  However, while the cat was fine living at home, Floyd was getting very stressed and lonely and his Mum made the selfless decision to find him a more suitable home.  Floyd is now living with a chilled out mini long and whilst it took this pair a little longer than normal to become great friends, and for Floyd to learn some manners, with perseverance and giving them time, they now enjoy playtimes together and Otto is enjoying having company on and off throughout the day and lots of attention! (NSW)

Kiki, the dachshund and Jabba possibly chihuahua/Jack Russell were no longer getting the attention their owners wanted for them, due to increased working hours.

These two have found a new home together where they have fitted in like a glove.  They love all their walks and they are slowly learning their manners whilst out walking.  At the moment they seem to tell the neighbourhood that they’re in charge.  At home, they’re a loveable pair who love to snuggle on laps and gets lots of loving.

We are so grateful to families who take on further training and also give the dogs the valuable time to settle in.

“Thank you for giving us the opportunity of taking on these two beauties”. WA.

These two scallywags, Jemimah and Remley, have well and truly settled into their new home. They’re a lucky pair who spend their days with the family and go home in the evenings with Mum.

During the day there are lots of carer laps to sit on, and whilst they’re very good with pleadings looks, they are ignored! as dachshunds need to keep their trim figures.

Jemimah and Remley have been working on their manners and a visit from the dog trainer who has given them homework to make them the best they can be. Their new owners are smitten with them and they have helped to heal the space left behind from their last beloved dachshund, Zorro. (Vic)

Much loved 2 year old Harvey and 4 year old Max, suddenly found themselves looking for a new home when their owner was unwell and no longer able to care for them. They have landed on their sandy paws and now live in paradise on the beach in Sunny Queensland.  They are a very social pair and the locals are getting acquainted with them as they’re hard to miss. Their new owners are elated at being able to help a couple of dachshunds in need and for these lucky boys, a shopping trip was in order to purchase lots of supplies for them, including ramps and life jackets to keep these water babies safe. Visiting their grandparents who live close by with an extra big backyard and a corgi to catch up, completes life for this adaptable pair who quickly took to their new home and settled right in.

From the moment Rocco was introduced to Henry, these two dachshunds became the best of friends.  They play non-stop, crash out together and then it’s playtime again and again and again!  This match up was great for both boys as  Rocco had become a little snappy in his old home at one of the children, and trying to keep them away from each other was becoming difficult.  Henry had always been a timid dachshund after suffering from a severe heart murmur from birth which has required expensive surgery.  Even though Henry is the smaller of the two, he has grown in confidence showing his new big brother the ropes and leading the way on their walks.  Rocco in turn has shown Henry that it’s OK to be left alone every now and then and that sleeping together in the doggy bed rather than the human bed is almost just as good.  QLD

Bella was an anxious girl and wouldn’t settle when her mum went to work, resulting in barking down the neighborhood, while spending her days in her crate.

Her owner came to DRA seeking a suitable home where Bella would have room and company. Once DRA had arranged for all her vet work to be undertaken, a very successful meet and greet followed.

Bella has now joined a family where she has a young dachshund brother, Wal, to enjoy life with. During the first few weeks, Wal enjoyed showing Bella the run of the land and now Bella has taken over as the “lady of the house”. This once timid girl is loving life with daily walks and lots of exploring. (NSW)

10 month old Harry appears to have been on a carousel of homes before coming to DRA looking for his fourth home in his short life. Fortunately his now new owners are thankfully committed to his rehabilitation. Harry is a fearful dachshund that needs to learn skills to settle into an environment where he can feel calm seeing other dogs.

We are grateful to new owners that see a dog has potential seeing past their faults. Harry is relishing having someone to fetch his ball, a selection of enrichment toys, the lick mat and snuffle rug are a big hit.

The day his adoption forms were signed Harry promptly chewed his 1st shoe.

DRA looks forward to seeing Harry flourish with his experienced dachshund owners. (VIC)


When the elderly owner of these adorable seniors required nursing home care, Julie stepped forward as a foster carer and welcomed Nicky and Stella into her home. At first the girls were bewildered but with gentle words, affection and a cosy bed, they gradually adapted to their new life. It was not long before Nicki and Stella wiggled their way into Julie’s heart and they became permanent family members. Thank you Julie for providing such a lovely home that Stella and Nicki can enjoy in their golden years. (VIC)

Hi, it’s Bobby here. I have gone to live with my new Mum and Dad in WA and I love them. I get to walk down to the river at least once a day and they let me sleep in the bedroom. A nice lady at DRA said I needed to cut down on my treats and lose about 3 kg of weight. Cheek of her! Anyway my Mum and Dad listened to her, so I have already lost a bit of weight and I go to the vets every so often to stand on the scales. It’s great as everyone cheers when I do. Thank you DRA for finding my lovely new parents.

What a difference a week  can make in a dachshund’s life.  This anxious young boy has joined a family who have been “owned by many dachshunds” over the years.

Astrid, the resident dachshund is, at the moment, not too sure of the new arrival joining her on the sofa for cuddles, but it is good fun having a brother to play tug of war with and having a walking buddy. Mum meanwhile has gained a new shadow! Kaiser’s family are extremely grateful to DRA for finding him a home where he is learning to relax and in time we hope will know that he is loved and safe. (QLD)

Gorgeous Zephie was finding life challenging with the increasing changes in his life, from children arriving and then work hours increasing so that he was becoming very anxious when left alone. His family realised it would be difficult to give him the security he was wanting and reluctantly decided that a new home may be his best option.

Enter his new family and a new dachshund friend! The dachshunds soon decided that being two was much better than being one, and began to play together and have fun. This has helped Zephie relax and enjoy life with his new best friend and loving family so that he is able to come off the medication he was previously taking. (WA)

After moving to Canberra to take up a new job, Audrey’s owner painfully acknowledged that twelve hours ‘home alone’ was not the life she wanted for her much loved girl. So the selfless decision was made to re-home Audrey.

Fortunately just the right family was waiting for a playful and energetic companion. Audrey enjoys  many hours in the company of her humans, daily walks, family hikes and fun activities. (ACT)

Willow is a fun loving girl who is thriving on affection and snuggles with her family. Every day she is learning ‘good doggy behaviours’ including learning to be housetrained and how to walk and socialise. Willow has a new canine companion; a chilled out pug who is showing her how to enjoy a relaxed lifestyle and beach walks!(NSW)

Loveable Lenny’s new owners are ‘besotted’ with him and even the resident cat has succumbed to his charms. He is loving having someone about most of the day and relishes his morning and evening walks.. With a calm household, heaps of affection and companionship, Lenny’s anxiety is diminishing. Although Lenny suffers from periodic bouts of gastritis, Nurse Jess is at hand to comfort and take care of him. Enjoy your new life Lenny! QLD

Buddy is delighted with his new life. He owns two adoring humans, Judy and John, to whom he is  affectionately known as “His Royal Shortness”. In addition Buddy has his own dog park (aka the enormous backyard) to share with invited, well behaved canine guests. Together Buddy and pals romp ,sniff and explore their surrounds. At the end of the morning’s adventures Buddy retires inside where there is always a cosy bed or lap upon which to rest. He is truly living the ‘good life’ NSW

Jojo spent all his four years struggling with separation anxiety but has found a peaceful haven with a new owner who is able to give him the undivided attention he craves. Jojo lives a predictable life with clear boundaries and is responding well to the new regime. This rotund boy has a full schedule that includes long walks, keeping a child safe while walking to school, guarding the house from intruders, ensuring his owner drives carefully to the shops and accompanying her on dinner engagements. Not surprisingly Jojo is slowly shedding unwanted grams and with such a busy life, it is no wonder he needs to lounge on his bed in the sun.  (Brisbane)

After her owner needed to go into aged care and sadly losing her older dachshund brother, Celine was a little bit shell shocked on arrival in her new home.  A few quiet days getting to know her adopted family was all she needed as she soon started to show her beautiful and loving nature.  Celine is enjoying her daily walks along the beach front and being admired by those who have the pleasure of meeting her.  Her new owners describe Celine as a divine little creature and she is fast becoming the most spoilt member of the family.  SA

With plans set in motion to sell up and move overseas, Buddy’s owners were discovering that his anxiety levels were going through the roof.  It was decided that he needed to be rehomed sooner rather than later so that he could be safely settled into his new home before the arrival of the removalists.  Buddy’s new owners were super excited to welcome him into their home but wisely allowed Buddy the time and space to get to know them and his new digs.  They were subsequently rewarded when in only a matter of days Buddy rolled onto his back to allow them to give him a belly rub!  Since that day, Buddy has been the most loyal, affectionate and loving little boy who has brought absolute joy into their home.  His new owners have said that it’s so hard to believe that Buddy has only been with them for a couple of weeks as it seems that he has always been their adorable little dog.  QLD

Arnold’s behaviour was getting increasingly worse living in suburbia.  Whilst out walking, he was lunging at people, trying to climb their legs and barking at any other dogs he came across so it was not a pleasant or fun experience for everyone involved.  We knew that Arnold would be best suited as an only pet in the household and  thought perhaps a life in the country would suit this boisterous little boy best.  Arnold is now living on a farm where he is the one and only inside pet.  He has been introduced to the livestock and work dog under strict supervision and he is loving his exciting new life.  Arnold is kept busy during the day patrolling the property to check all is in order and his nights are spent cuddled up on a comfy lap.  SA

Sparky’s owner was suffering ill health and asked DRA to find him a new home. In the past few weeks Sparky’s life has done a complete turnaround from never leaving his backyard and getting bored barking and chasing birds, to now spending his day with an active family with teenage children and a new dachshund brother, Alfie.  Trips to the beach, walks, day trips in the car and, Sparky not so pleased at also having to go on a weight loss programme to lose weight by Christmas.

When he’s not out and about he and Alifie have a garden to run around in and lots of toys to share. His new owners report that it feels like Sparky has been with them forever.

Dash wasn’t enjoying sharing his home with two other male dachshunds.  He wanted to be top dog and was also marking around the house. His owner was concerned that Dash wasn’t living life to his full potential and asked for some help.

Frankie, a female dachshund, had recently lost her buddy Schnitzel and was pining away for him.  Dash stepped in to try and help Frankie overcome her grief and we’re pleased to say he’s filled that spot and marking the house has become a habit of the past! Dash is loving his two walks a day and within the first week clever Dash was able to lead his family back to his new home.  His Mum is now teaching him some manners when he meets new dogs in their community.    (NSW)

Frankie has well and truly established herself in her new home.  She has  two acres of lovely gardens to wander around and discover, with every day something different to smell.  Her new parents have owned dachshunds and rescues in the past and are absolutely smitten with her.  With one of them being an avid bike rider they’re looking forward to when Frankie is going to joining her in her bike trailer.  Daily walks to the beach is another highlight of Frankie’s day as is having company throughout the day to put this once anxious dachshund at ease.  Her former owner is thrilled to see Frankie thriving once again. Tasmania

After receiving the call that we were going to have a meet and greet with Zen in our home we were very excited.

We met with both the owner and Jo of DRA and of course Zen.

He was a little apprehensive at first but soon settled down.

The owner made the decision that we could start our trial period with Zen that night.

He has not put a foot wrong since we got him. We are working on his barking issues whilst on walks and he is going very well now with meeting new people. Still not sure about those pesky bikes!

Zen has absolutely changed our family. He enjoys visiting our work places and has improved so much.

We thank both the owner and DRA for allowing us to have Zen in our lives. (WA)

The gorgeous Rosie is now living on a beautiful vineyard in the Barossa.  Rosie is the happy recipient of all the love and attention that being the only dachshund in the home brings and she adores her new family rewarding them with plenty of good morning kisses and cuddles.  Rosie has a number of laps that she can snuggle up on and she likes to share her love evenly amongst the family.   Now that she is settling in she will soon start to go to work with dad during the day, but in the meantime she enjoys being with the children at home and chasing the cat.  SA

When Maisie’s owner relocated to busy Sydney, Maisie wasn’t too impressed. This young lady was extremely anxious and her days were less than relaxing as she barked and paced all day.  Daily walks were out of the question as Maisie would put her brakes on and ended up having to be carried as she was so nervous.

We can now report that Maisie has taken to her new home extremely well with a patient new owner teaching her the ropes.  To begin with she was on such high alert that she barked when the fridge motor came on.  As the weeks progressed, the anxiety started decreasing and she is a much happier dachshund spending her days helping Mum in the garden and playing with her DRA sister, Freida.  Bushwalking and outdoor weekends away with Mum and Freida means Maisie is very contented. (NSW)

Millie had been acting up and barking at all hours of the day in order to get the attention that she craved, but with a small child and a new baby on the way there was very little time left in the day to spend with Millie.  It was with a sad and heavy heart that her owner made the selfless decision to rehome her.  Millie has been adopted by a lovely family of six who had thought long and hard about which breed of dog would be most suited to their home.  It didn’t take long for Millie to settle in to her new home and she has fast been promoted to being the most popular member of the family.  Millie is happy to share her love and affection and likes to spend time equally with everyone throughout the day.  Millie is very vocal and loves to perform a song and dance when anyone in the family returns home.  Her new family absolutely adore their beautiful new addition and can’t believe they waited so long to adopt.  (NSW)

Ollie found himself looking for a new home after both his parents passed away. He had a short stay with a foster carer while his behaviour was observed to find the type of home he was going to need.  It was apparent that Ollie was a very indulged dachshund and extremely well cared for.

He has now been welcomed into his new home and made the transition with no drama.  He is an enthusiastic walker and happily seeks out humans to say hello to and dogs to play with.  Ollie is very impressed that in a short space of time he already had his new Dad at the pet store stocking up on his favourite treats!  “All is going well and we love Ollie very much, the boys enjoy daily walks and Ollie likes his sunbathing and naps on our terrace”. (NSW)

Archie was a young puppy left at home with no company for long days making him sad.

After attending to all his veterinary work, DRA contacted a family who have a female dachshund, Juno, who is of a similar age.  They thought Archie would be a great fit and they then did an 18 hour road trip to go and meet Archie and take him home where he recently celebrated his first birthday. Archie’s days are no longer lonely, but are full of fun, play, walkies and he has also recently attended a doggy group in his area.  His face is full of joy, which we think says it all. (NSW)

Sam, a previous dachshund rescue, had recently lost his mate and was pining for company.  Max’s owner had to make a selfless decision to rehome her 3 loved dachshunds so it made sense for Max to go and meet Sam to see what they thought of each other.

Max has now landed on all four paws in his new home and loves taking his family for walks.  He has lots of enthusiasm for it and is a very quick walker so obedience training is next on the list.

Sam and Max love finding nice sunny spots and lazing around in the sun with each other.  The children love having a young dachshund to train and teach new tricks to. VIC

Hugo had lost his adored older DRA rescue sister Ruby and was wandering around absolutely lost without her. As Hugo was also a rescue of ours who had been around the block before going to his current home, we needed to help Hugo and of course his Mum who was devastated by the loss of Ruby too.  The young Holly was sent to the rescue and she has taken to her new home with loads of energy and one of her favourite spots is her Mum’s lap, that is when she’s not zooming around the garden chasing Hugo

Holly is a sweet natured girl and her previous home did a great job of socialising her as a puppy so that she has to skills to adapt to having a new dachshund as part of her life. It’s a delight to see dachshunds take to their new homes with enthusiasm and Holly loves having company and someone to take her out walking and give her the time and attention she craved. (VIC)


Luke is a very distinguished gentleman who has been very well trained with impeccable manners.  He hasn’t put a paw out of place since moving in with his new owners and they fell in love with their boy from day one.  Luke is living the good life with two walks a day, his owners at home majority of the time and he has a lovely warm bed inside with plenty of blankets to burrow under.  Luke is an attention seeker and he has brought lots of joy and laughter into the home with his funny and playful antics.  VIC

With Lily being deaf, and no idea how loud she can be, and with Dad on shift work together with a young toddler that Lily didn’t like sharing her life with, Lily the double dapple found her way to DRA. She was placed in foster care and now lives in a lovely tranquil spot in the country. Daily walks are so much fun and sensory overload with all those kangaroos and other wildlife around to wonder at.
However, the resident cats aren’t too impressed with her arrival and are hoping in time that Lily will stop viewing them as a threat. Lily is a smart girl and eager to learn and Mum has recently purchased a book on deaf dogs so they’re both learning together. Lily has settled in and loves to have visits from their grandson and friends that visit the home.
Sadly Lily is Deaf and her sight may be compromised further down the line and she certainly doesn’t see as well in the evening. We would ask people to stop buying “pretty colours” at extraordinary inflated prices as these dachshunds are the result of dreadful breeding practises and uneducated people. Whilst Lily does have a wonderful home, it is not fair on a dog to be born both deaf and blind, but being bred due to “colour” demand. (VIC)

Bhlue was picked up in NSW and driven to his new home in QLD just in time before the borders were closed.  The trip, albeit extremely long, enabled him to bond with his new family straight away with them taking turns to sit next to him during the ride.  Since arriving home Bhlue did need to learn a few housekeeping rules but being the smart and loving boy that he is it didn’t take long at all.  He is a happy boy who enjoys bush walks, spending time with his adoring family and being thoroughly spoilt!

Binky’s owner was unable to give him the time and attention that this lovely natured boy needed.

Ollie, a previous rescue of ours, had recently passed away leaving his sister behind.  She is extremely happy to share her home with Binky, but not her bed just yet. She’s the boss of the household and wants the obliging Binky to know his place!

He isn’t fazed by the cats who live in the home as he was brought up with cats and as his new owner has said, Binky is everyone’s friend including children, bringing harmony to the home. He’s had a few indiscretions with toilet training but fortunately his dachshund loving owners are happy to work on it as with his lovely personality he’s very good at sharing his new Mum and Dad with all the animals and visitors. VIC.

Poppy’s family moved from a country property to city living and subsequently discovered that they were legally entitled to only two dogs in their household. As Poppy’s other two companions were a bonded pair, her owner decided Poppy should have an opportunity to find a safe, caring new home. Poppy’s irresistible personality, sweet and sociable nature  attracted many potential owners but Poppy ‘chose’ a family with three doting teenage girls and a mum who worked from home. Poppy is now happily settled in her new home where she is included in most family activities and outings. (QLD)

To be honest we had all but given up on getting a Dachshund due to Covid, BYBs and the ever increasing $$$$ wanted for them but to my surprise 5 1/2 weeks ago whilst cleaning my house on a Sunday afternoon, I received a call regarding re-homing a Dachshund that same day.

We were the lucky chosen family who had the pleasure of meeting Chorizo a few hours later and how are lives have changed since then.  We adore him. He’ll be two next month and he’s full of beans.  He loves his ball, the beach, bush walks, chasing butterflies in the garden and sleeping on us and with us. He settled in very quickly, knew where his home was after a few days and would gallop up the street with me in tow at the end of his walk. I don’t think we could love him anymore if we tried, he has stolen the hearts of myself (he’s my little shadow), my husband, our teenagers, the grandparents and all our friends.  Thank you to Jo Tetlow and Dachshund Rescue. (WA)

With Mum moving house and unable to take three dachshunds with her, Rusty was the one looking for a new home. He went to meet a family who have a beautiful natured labrador with a permanent smile on her face. In typical dachshund style, Rusty had a bit of a bark at her but it didn’t put her or the family off who took it in their stride.  Rusty went on trial and delighted to say he’s going to stay and he and the labrador are now constant companions. (NSW)

Freya’s new family did a day’s drive there and back to collect this little girl and have not been disappointed with their decision to adopt her.  With daily walks on the boardwalk and beach romps and paddles, a family and grandparents living in the same home, therefore always a lap and lots of attention, and last but not least the same aged very pampered mini foxy terrier as her new sister.  When they’re not out exploring, or getting cuddles they can be found tearing around the house playing chasey. NSW

Sweet natured Heidi has come from a breeders kennel and is now learning to enjoy life in a warm home. Whilst she is a shy girl, once she gets to know you and she learns to trust, her new Mum is finding she now has a constant shadow. She was also elated when she got the phone call asking if this 5 year old could come and share her home. Toilet training is a work in progress and with a lovely patch of grass she is truly enjoying her new surroundings. Thanks to Heidi’s foster carer who did a wonderful job helping with veterinary appointments for spaying, vaccinations and sorting out a rotten tooth. Heidi can now enjoy her new life with human company and exploring the neighbourhood out on her walks. (NSW).

12 year old Hallie and Baxter were both surrendered to DRA in a very poor condition. At very short notice we found a foster home for them both together. Baxter had a multitude of vet visits in the first few weeks but then very sadly passed away, leaving his foster carers heartbroken and of course his sister Hallie, without him for the first time in all those years.
We’re so happy to say that Hallie has done exceptionally well the last few months, she’s walked daily which is something that was missing from her past life, she has a lovely sunny terraced backyard to sunbake in, is being showered with love and has Ninja the cat for 4 legged company.  Hallie’s favourite time of the day is when her owner gets the blanket on the couch for snuggle time.  She’s been adopted by her foster carer, who recently had to go away overnight but just had to facetime her “girl” as she missed her so much!

We are extremely grateful to homes that welcome senior dachshunds making their twilight years memorable and treasured. (Vic)

Sometimes life circumstances change, living arrangements alter and new homes must be found. Such was the situation for youngsters Halley and Herb but fortunately a wonderful new life was awaiting them.

This delightful duo have brought their zest for living to a family of four who longed to hear the patter of dachshund paws once more in their home. Enter Herb and Halley, three years old and desperate for a home where they would have heaps of company and would be included as valued family members. Haley and Herb love their new life and the family now feels complete. (Qld)

Boone was rescued from a miserable life in the clutches of a northern NSW backyard breeder. He was handed over reeking of faeces and urine. Initially his young rescuer did not intend to keep Boone and he was surrendered to DRA to undertake desexing, vaccinations and microchipping before re-homing him.

Boone however had a different plan and used his sweet affectionate nature to snare himself a place in his rescuer’s heart and family. Boone now has an owner, an extended family, several canine companions and weekends on country property. (NSW)

Gloomy by name but not by nature, is a sweet eight year standard dachshund who was a loved companion of a young couple. Her life changed when the family’s sweet baby became a boisterous, agile toddler who did not understand that Gloomy needed her personal space respected and was not always keen to play. Gloomy’s owners could see Gloomy was becoming grumpy and depressed and reluctantly decided a quiet, calm household would better suit her needs as an older lady. Luckily for Gloomy a local family with just the right credentials were seeking a loveable standard girl. So gorgeous Gloomy displayed her charms and has secured a place with a loving family. (NSW)

Frosty faced Rocky, aged 13 years old, has been welcomed with love into a comfortable home offering a semi-rural lifestyle in the outer suburbs of Melbourne. He has an experienced dachshund savvy owner who understands what an old boy needs; a warm lap to snuggle on, an interesting rambling country garden filled with tantalising smells together with hearty meals and titbits. Best of all , Rocky always has the human companionship he craves. Thank you Margaret for providing him with a wonderful lifestyle, love and comfort. “Rocky is a cuddly, affectionate little chap. Stubborn, intelligent and funky like all dachshunds. We get along famously. I love him to bits.” (Vic)


Winston’s separation anxieties and over protectiveness of his family are now far behind him and he has settled into his new home with amazing ease.  Back inside the home and being part of the family is where Winston is at his happiest.  Playing ball is high on his list of favourite activities and luckily there are four adults in the home who are willing to oblige and play with him.  He is adored by his new family and Winston is such a lucky boy he even gets to sleep in a different human bed each night!  (Vic)

Russell, the handsome senior, proved to be a very popular boy when we put out the call advising that he needed a new home. Thanks to the public’s generosity we had applications came in from all over the country to adopt him.  He has now been adopted to a very loving home where his owners adore everything about him.  Russell enjoys at least two walks a day and everyone who has had the pleasure of meeting him tell him that he is a beautiful boy.  Russell likes to sunbathe in the garden catching the warm rays and at night he can be found snoring in his human bed. (QLD)

Audrey came into DRA as in her former home she was terrorising the resident Schnauzer and causing havoc when her owners went to work. Hurricane Audrey now has a home with an owner who is home during the day to keep her company and Audrey recently celebrated her 1st birthday in her new home. Audrey is proving an absolute delight to her owner who is relishing having this sweet dachshund to keep her company. They have both enrolled in the local obedience club to teach Audrey puppy skills and manners, and this together with regular play dates with her new found pug friend is certainly keeping her busy! They both look forward to meeting more dachshund friends on the Mornington Peninsula and we look forward to hearing more about Audrey’s escapades when the warmer weather comes. (Vic)






Whilst Jimi the loveable wirehaired dachshund was a much loved part of his family,unfortunately he didn’t enjoy having a busy toddler in the house. He is with another DRA dachshund and has become a permanent fixture.

Jimi loves getting out walking and is so enthusiastic at being out on a walk he barks with excitement. His wirehair sister loves having someone to play zoomies around the house and doesn’t even mind if he steals her bed.

This gentle soul loves nothing more than welcoming visitors and having new laps to sit on. Besotted with balls, the local pet store has a steady supply ready for Jimi when he visits! Jimi is also getting used to the local wildlife, and particularly the possum who sits at the glass door not to Jimi’s amusement. His new family are elated that they have such an affectionate dachshund that has so much love to give. (Vic)

Beautiful Lady has enchanted her new family with her playful and affectionate nature and the resident dachshund, Raja, has succumbed to Lady’s feminine charms and tomboyish flair for making mischief. The pair love a good wrestle on the couch, playing chasey around the house and sun-baking together.

Lady has certainly landed herself a right royal lifestyle. A three acre estate to explore, leisurely walks by the riverside and of course a king by her side! (Sydney)

Wally was purchased off Gumtree and he wasn’t coping with the young children or other animals in the busy home.  His new owners reached out to DRA to find a solution for the anxious Wally.

After a complete vet check he was placed with an equine vet who is constantly on the road visiting her patients and wanted a companion by her side.  Wally now gets to explore the countryside and he loves being the co-pilot on the daily car trips visiting her clients. Meeting horses and exploring stables was an entirely new experience for Wally and he’s slowly gaining confidence in this new world.

At the end of a hard day Wally can be found relaxing by the fire and then weekends are the absolute highlight when he gets to visit the other family dachshunds. His new Mum has confirmed that he’s the perfect match and he’s found his forever home. (Vic)


Sadly Hugo and Millie were finding life with a newborn stressful and had become extremely protective of the baby.  So it was with heavy hearts that their owners decided that they needed to go to another home where they could again be the happy and carefree dachshunds they once were.  Hugo and Millie’s new owners were finding life very lonely after their elderly long haired girl had passed away.   With the arrival of this gorgeous pair their house is once again a home filled with all the fun and delights that dachshunds bring.   Hugo and Millie are enjoying their outings, walks and being the recipients of lots of attention, love and affection.  (NSW)

In March this year our gorgeous Pixie (daschy) passed after 14 wonderful years with us. In my intense grief stage I put my name down on a list to foster or adopt a dachshund as my heart was so broken and I got comfort that, though unlikely, that if one day a beautiful daschy needed us we would be there. At the beginning of June, I got that call, would we be interested in supporting a brother and sister needing rehoming? We said yes and now have the gorgeous Sophie and Oska in our lives, home, family and hearts. We had a foster fail as we decided to adopt after week 1. They are both 15 years old so we know we don’t have a long time with them but they have given us a lot of joy in 3 weeks than we have felt in a long time. They love their walks, playing with our son who is 5, they follow him everywhere and try and sneak into bed with him all the time and they love cuddles and curling up while I work at home. Thankyou DRA and especially Penny for organising this and for being a source of information, support and comfort every step of the way. We are forever grateful for this opportunity. (WA)

Penny and Lenny: A Happy New Life for All!
Penny and Lenny have been welcomed into a Sydney family of four where they are kept busy with daily jogs, walks and playful activities with their human companions. Their true personalities are shining through.

In the words of their new human mother “Penny and Lenny show lots of love and affection toward each member of our family. We were especially touched to see Lenny look after our daughter who has special needs. He stays at her side at all times keeping her warm, and alerts us when she’s uncomfortable. These dogs complete our family in ways that we couldn’t imagine – they are a dream come true twice, and we are infinitely grateful for them.”

Penny and Lenny’s previous owners made a brave decision to re-home them. The young dachshunds reign of terror is over. The home is peaceful and 12 year old Bonnie has re-emerged from her kennel to enjoy sun baking in the garden while spending time with the family.

Kat is a petite dachshund who is now learning the joys of living in a home as opposed to kennels. Archie, the resident dachshund, is besotted with his new sister and it took him a few days to settle down with all the excitement.

For Kat, settling into her new home has been a breeze and from day 1 she felt like she belonged there, but then how could she not sense how much she was going to be adored and that kennels are not a patch on the comforts of home. Meeting new friends on walks and seeing Archie’s playmates is a joy to watch.

We are most grateful to her new owner who traveled quite some distance to greet her at short notice. (NSW)

The arrival of a new family member and subsequent growth into toddlerhood can have adverse effects on some dachshunds.  After becoming snappy and generally unhappy it was clear that Chip needed to be rehomed.  Chip is now enjoying life with both a new dachshund brother and sister and the three of them are never far from each other’s sight.  Chip is happily sleeping at the end of his new owners bed at night and once again receiving the attention and love that he deserves.  The adventures of Chip, Blue and Daisy can be seen on their Instagram Blue.and.Daisy  (QLD)

After meeting Arnold, it took only a few minutes for his new owner to know he was meant to join her family.  Arnold it seems also agreed as he made himself at home from the moment he was welcomed into the house, somewhere that he had never been allowed before.  Arnold’s days are spent with his new dachshund brother Frankie and together the boys play chase, sunbathe and snuggle next to each other on the couch.  Arnold is also sleeping in the human bed at night, so life for this little boy is now just about perfect. (QLD)

Every dachshund that comes into DRA for rehoming is individually assessed to ensure that it goes to the very best home that suits it’s every need.  That way we can ensure the adoption is successful.  Archie was definitely a challenge for DRA but we are proud to say that this little boy is finally home.   Walks every morning, cuddles, tummy rubs, plenty of laps to flake out on, hours of playtime chasing balls, two new dachshund brothers and most of all his new owners home majority of the day have just about ticked every box on Archie’s list of needs.  Archie’s journey is not quite complete though and the next step is to help Archie become less anxious and reduce his need of medications.  Thank you to Archie’s previous owners and foster carers who helped us to work out Archie’s needs and most of all thank you to his new owners who have been so patient and understanding.  We look forward to hearing about Archie in the years to come.  (NSW

Thomas is a lovable dachshund who had found himself needing a new home rather desperately and through no fault of his own.  Living in dire circumstances he was lucky enough to quickly find a wonderful new home with the help from our friends in the Albury Wodonga Dachshund community.  With thanks to his new parents, Thomas loves his daily walks, fresh air, nutritious diet and is enjoying the benefits of living a healthier life.  (VIC)

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