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DRA has been helping rescue and privately rehome dachshunds across Australia since 2009


Ralph, this much loved but very anxious dachshund, is now with a couple who have always had rescue dogs throughout their lives and have described them as “all being slightly interesting”.  With the demise of their last dog, Ralph has now entered their home and it’s safe to say he also comes under that description. One of Ralph’s anxieties has been car trips and when left in the back seat he always wants to climb into the front.  On his way home with his new parents he was happy looking out the window but then started to let them know that he would rather be driving the car. Off to a great start!  We could not have chosen a better home for Ralph, with their patience, their willingness to help him overcome his naughtiness when he meets other dogs, and their tolerance.  Ralph is paying them back with his enormous affection and love for his owners and his delight in being around them. (Vic)

Life with a male dachshund who has a tendency to mark everything he thinks belongs to him can be extremely frustrating for their owners.  Unfortunately Freddy Noodles living with another male dog was doing this all the time.  By rehoming Freddy Noodles to a family where there is already an established female dachshund who has impeccable toileting manners, changed Freddy’s naughty habit immediately.  After one major accident which was really not his fault,  he has been as good as gold in that department.  His new owners report that although he still barks at other dogs they come across when out walking, they are helping him and he is starting to learn to walk past without incident.  Luckily Freddy Noodles is a very smart and fast learner who loves to please his new owners.  Freddy Noodles is a beautiful dachshund with a very affectionate nature and his new family love him to bits.  (NSW)

10 year old Kelly has hit the jackpot with her retirement home.  Living indoors, laps to sit on for cuddles, taken out everywhere where she’s constantly admired by everyone she meets  and has all  the attention of her Mum and Dad with a tail wag that nearly topples her over. Kelly has taken the two resident cats in her stride, she’s a quick learner and now uses the steps to get up onto the sofa, walks beautifully on the lead and seemingly can’t put a paw wrong.  Her parents are absolutely thrilled to have this gem of a dachshund complete their home and had nearly given up having a dachshund back in their lives, but Dad was never going to go for another breed. We’re delighted to have helped. (VIC)

After losing his best mate George to cancer, Jensen became a very anxious dachshund.  He wanted his owner to be with him 24/7 and this just wasn’t possible with a young toddler and working.

The search was on to find seven year old Jensen a quiet home with another dog for company.  From the first meeting and a long road trip home with his new owners, Jensen has taken it all in his stride. His days are now complete having a sweet little girl Indi to play with and a retired couple for the company that he craved. It didn’t take him long to stretch out, relax on the lounge and snooze away! NSW

The challenges of a changing lifestyle was too much for 10 year old Izzie, who decided that hiding was the best strategy to keep newcomers and worried feelings at bay.  Just to make sure Izzie’s humans got the message that she was not happy, Izzie began pooping and peeing in the house.  It was clear Izzie desperately needed a quiet and calm household and lots of attention just for her.  Fortunately Margit and Bruce were looking for a dachshund to fill the void left by the passing of their beloved Bobby.  Izzie has brought joy and canine companionship to this lovely couple. (Vic)

For City boy Ketchup, every day on the farm is a new adventure whether it is meeting the working kelpies, being stalked by a herd of curious heifers, or discovering the joys of an off leash walk. For Alison, the dream of being owned by a wire-haired dachshund has been realised, while Ketchup is thriving on the continuous companionship, attention and affection.  The relaxed pace of a country life suit Ketchup and his days of hyper vigilance are over, substituted by wiling away hours cow watching or exploring his spacious garden full of delicious smells! (Vic)

The very young Arlo had seen a little too many horrors in his life before coming into DRA.  Initially Arlo went as a foster dog to help another dachshund, Jack, cope with the grief that he was going through, having lost his best mate another dachshund.  Arlo solved that problem and whilst there was a very different age gap between the two boys, Jack helped Arlo to overcome some of his anxiousness towards every day life.  Tragedy then struck and Jack passed away a couple of weeks later. A very difficult time followed and we are forever grateful that Arlo’s foster mum continued to look after him. In the last few months Arlo has come on in leaps and bounds and is barely recognisable from the nervous wreck he was when he first came in, he goes on bush walks, he accompanies Mum to the hairdresser, he goes on lunch dates and whilst he can still be a bit of pansy when he goes through new experiences and has given his mum a really hard time with his training, we’re delighted to report that Arlo has now been adopted by his foster Mum and we feel that both of them are particularly well suited to each other (NSW)

5 year old Milli has certainly had a run of bad luck in her short life.  At the age of 10 months old she was hit by a car and subsequently had a metal plate and two pins placed in her hip.  She was recently diagnosed with stage 5 IVDD and needed someone to help with her recovery. Yuko received a call from DRA WA and “couldn’t say no, because I knew I could help her. Milli needed full time care and has made a remarkable recovery within a few weeks”.  This is also thanks to the WA dachshund community who fundraised for Milli to help with the costs of her rehab.  She has now been adopted by her foster carers as they couldn’t resist this little girl who has so much love to give, becoming part of their family.

Yuko also writes “I saw a post on FB other day about IVDD dog needing care in NSW…hope someone offered to help. It is not easy…people need some experience . It is sad to see so many dachshunds are in IVDD lately…I hate to think how many of them were put to sleep…hopefully Milli’s story encourages and gives some hope to others. Big Thank you to DRA team”. (WA)

Yuko we’re delighted to report that an amazing lady has indeed come forward to help with this dachshund in NSW

Young Tilly was sad and lonely whilst her owner was working long hours and even though she did have the company of a cat, it was not enough to keep her stimulated and happy.  She is now in a home where her owners are with her for the majority of the day and she has two other dogs in the house to play with.  Tilly might be the smallest but she is the cheekiest and most fun loving little girl who now rules the house.  Tilly’s enthusiasm for playing and having a good time has energised the other two dogs and together the three spend hours chasing each other through the home.  When they are done they collapse on the couch to sleep until Tilly is ready to play again.  (ACT)

Bob and Lulu lived a life of mischief, catching cane toads, digging holes, shredding toys and barking!  When their owner became ill, Bob and Lulu’s naughty ways became overwhelming.  A breed experienced family was needed to rein in this exuberant pair.  Enter Tammy, her husband and grown up family, who were prepared to take on the ‘Wayward Dachshund Challenge’ by providing an interesting lifestyle, regular exercise and much needed training.

We are happy to report that Bob, after a few nervous nips, and lively Lulu are settling down in their new home.  Their quintessential dachshund quirkiness, delightful personalities and ever ready companionship, have earned them a permanent place in the home and hearts of their new family. (Brisbane)

A medical emergency necessitating an airlift to Brisbane for Junior’s parents, meant he was left at home alone.  When warmhearted Amy held of his plight she immediately went to collect him and welcomed him into her family.  Eight year old Lucy thought Junior was a gift especially for her and the two became inseparable playmates and snuggle buddies.  Cola, a rescue dachshund with a troubled history, was initially more reserved but soon succumbed to Juniors charms.  Amy’s children thought Junior was sensational. It then transpired that Junior’s family now had to relocate permanently and so Junior was formally adopted. Amy and her family threw a party for Junior in celebration of his 5th birthday and knowing that he had now become a part of their family. (QLD)

Little Miss Daisy is an ex-breeding dog who found it a challenge being  in more conventional surroundings, and sadly didn’t truly settle in her previous adoptive home. When she met her new owner, whose lovely old long-haired dachshund Rosey had recently lost her companion, it was love for everyone and the dogs soon became close friends. Her owner writes “ Miss Daisy has settled into our house beautifully. She has been easy to toilet train, with lots of excitement on my behalf and Rosey showing her where to go. She loves to snuggle and lay in the sun. She welcomes visitors with a sniff, even allowing them to pat her. She is so intelligent, she has learnt how to walk up and down the steps to get on and off the sofa. We will keep working with her many fears, but are so grateful to have the opportunity to give her the best life that she deserves.” (WA)


After being purchase on Gumtree, 15 month old Hugo arrived by pet transport from Queensland to his new family in Victoria, terrified, fearful and snapping.  He was not the friendly, placid dog they were expecting.  After he attacked the resident puppy, the local vet suggested that he either be euthanised or rehomed.  DRA was contacted, and by midnight Hugo was placed into foster care with a registered breeder/dog trainer for a behavioural assessment. Once in a calm, dachshund experienced environment, Hugo was able to show that he was a loving boy with a sweet disposition.  Two weeks later he was ready for his new home with a devoted female owner who was committed to making Hugo feel loved and safe.  A huge thank you to Stacey, our foster carer and Detchema who continues to nurture, heal and love this once troubled boy.

Raphie’s owner recognised that her thirteen month old boy had a sensitive nature and yearned for companship throughout the day. She also had an inkling that Ralphie might enjoy a female playmate based on his playful exuberance when encountering other young dachshunds. Not wanting him to endure a lonely life, she made a selfless decision to find Ralphie a new home.

Today Ralphie, the black and tan mini long,  is blissfully enjoying a loving owner who works from home, together with the companionship of Lola, a similar aged dachshund who loves to play. There are dachshund friendly visitors who provide Ralphie with the right measure of adulation and a gentle, ancient terrier who potters about making their house a home. (Sydney)


Chelsea and Lucy decided to grow old disgracefully; growling at a toddler colluding together to kill a chicken and howling when left home alone.  It was all too much for their busy owner who felt her girls deserved a retirement with dachshund focussed attention and companionship.

Happily the girls were offered a new life on a farm with a seasoned dachshund owner.  Their days are filled with interesting activities, including hooning about in the back of a Ute, joining their doggy pack for a farm ramble, watching the miniature horses while being fed and exploring markets at the weekend.  They have been taught not to harass the free ranging chickens (or the house chicken), not to steal the peacocks food and to return to their owner immediately when called.  Who said old dogs can’t learn new tricks?  Enjoy your farm life Chelsea and Lucy. (Brisbane)

Minnie’s family were extremely sad when they had to consider rehoming her, as with 3 young children and all their activities, 2 year old Minnie was getting left on her own. Knowing that Minnie was an active and energetic dachshund who needed company, they made the selfless decision to find her a new home.
She is now with a family who have older children and Diego another dachshund. Minnie’s quirky nature had her family fall in love with her very quickly. After her 2 week trial, we had a message to say They had a “Rose Ceremony and Minnie got 5/5 Roses”.
Minnie now has lots of trips out with the Family and is taken out on the family boat. Being a dachshund she does have a flaw…. and that’s barking at the leaves. (Qld)
It takes a lot of work and time to find the perfect home for these little guys and thanks Minnie’s previous family for the following:
“Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for finding our girl such a beautiful new home. We are forever grateful and take great comfort knowing she is so well loved by Lisa and family and has a new best friend in Diego. We couldn’t have asked for a happier outcome for Minnie and although we miss her dearly we know she is getting the time and attention she truly deserves with her new little family. Please do give us updates from time to time and I’m sure Lisa will too.”

Buddy is an anxious boy who loves people and wants to be with them 24/7. He was placed into foster care and whilst there he had a seizure which we needed to find out more about in order to help Buddy.

After lengthy tests, the vets have diagnosed Buddy with Epilepsy. Now that he’s on the right medication he is in a good place and has a great long term outlook.

Buddy is a very affectionate dachshund and loves nothing more than belly rubs and snuggles and meeting and socialising with his own breed. He has now been adopted by his foster carer. (NSW)


Little Mia was left for long periods on her own and was very lonely and sadly due to a marriage breakdown, 9 month old Mia came into DRA care. This sweet little dachshund now has an older sister, Zoe, and very experienced parents to teach her the ropes.

Her new parents have given her lots of enrichment toys and games to play, building up her walking which is teaching her all the things a puppy should do, milestones that set them up to be happy, contented and socialised dachshunds.

Mia and Zoe are currently having a great adventure doing a lap of Australia. We look forward to following Mia’s progress. In the meantime thankyou to everyone that goes out of their way, when there is a dachshund in need. (Qld)





One year old Dasha was living with a young family and another baby on the way, and with that and Dasha’s separation anxiety, life was just too stressful for all concerned.  Very reluctantly they decided Dasha needed more than they were able to give her and Dasha has now joined a couple with their dachshund Leo.  Dasha and leo bonded from day 1 with lots of kissing and playing together and wearing each other out.  Whilst we were concerned that Dasha was such an anxious dachshund that she wouldn’t cope, she proved us wrong and loves her new parents and brother.  There’s more training to be done with her and they’re happy to do this to help both dachshunds be a pleasure to walk and also to be able to leave Dasha for longer times without her human parents.  Thank you to her new parents who are happy to put in the hard yards. (Qld)

Mr Murphy is an affectionate and very clever three year old dachshund. He has adjusted really well to his new home on the farm with owners who were really missing having a dog in their lives.  They were incredibly patient waiting to be matched with a new family member and Mr. Murphy quickly wormed his way into their hearts and on their sofa!  He loves having his snuggles and someone home with him and Ruth reports that he loves going off to feed the horses and is a great little hunter in the barn, and loves to bestow his owner with the gift of a mouse at her feet. (NSW)

Bella and Saide came in to be pts, but thanks to the vet that saw them, he rang up DRA and we took the girls on.  These two were kept in cages for breeding and their mouths were horrendous and we just don’t know how they managed to eat or the pain that it was causing.  They were put through extensive dentals and our thanks, not only to the veterinarians who performed the operations, but also to their fabulous foster carer who looked after them after each operation, while they lost most of their teeth.  These girls are now in a lovely home and really have come out of their shells to enjoy their lives moving forward.  They are mischievous, they’ve learnt to play, they wag their lives, and they can’t wait to see their Mum in the morning. (NSW


Last year our 16 year old Jack Russell passed away aged 16yrs.
A phone call from Jo in the new year asking if we were still willing to adopt a dachshund resulted in our adopting Alfie. Alfie has given us so much pleasure , stolen our hearts (and food 🤣)and he is  a happy little dog. We feel blessed. (WA)

Pip’s elderly owners noted with sadness that their health issues and ensuing sedentary lifestyle was not suiting their young dachshund. Pip had become lethargic and depressed, so very different from the lively pup she had once been.  With Pip’s best interests at heart, they made a decision to rehome her, hoping that younger owners would provide an active and engaging lifestyle. We are happy to report that Pip now has a family that adores her, takes her for two long walks each day and includes her in all they do, including watching early morning televised soccer matches with their sixteen year old son!  Pip has rediscovered her inner puppy and zest for life. (Vic)

LT was surrendered to DRA aged 14 weeks and he was put with a wonderful foster carer’s family who were able to show him the ropes, socialise him with other dogs, teach him how to walk and all those other parts of bringing up a dachshund so that they don’t end up just another problem dog. When he was ready for rehoming he went on a meet and greet with Arti, the resident dachshund,  who couldn’t contain his excitement at meeting LJ.  These two are now best friends and LT loves having a big brother to hang out with.  Everyone who meets LT thinks he’s a gorgeous boy and we do thank his previous owners for admitting that a dachshund wasn’t the right breed for them and coming to DRA for help.  (Vic)


Rehoming Dapples was a very reluctant decision for her owner, but with a change of circumstances Dapples had started to fight with the senior dachshund in the home.  Dapples is a happy little girl who has adjusted to her new home remarkably well.  Weekdays are lovely and quiet whereby she gets to enjoy helping her owners potter around in the garden and spend the days soaking up the sunshine.  Weekends are full of adventure with the arrival of the children who provide Dapples with lots of fun, playtime and plenty of cuddles. (ACT)

Reptar has settled in well. I call her Rep for short. She just follows me everywhere. Rep really enjoys her walks everyday and is getting better when she meets new dogs on the walk. She just loves exploring the gardens looking for lizards. Also loves burrowing under the cushions on the Sofa. I do have to watch her with my canary though but she is getting better.

I honestly feel she has completed my home. (WA)

Milly came to DRA after a relationship breakdown and the owner was unable to care for her.  She needed desexing, vaccinations and health checks and we are extremely grateful to Lyn and Greg who have gone above and beyond with Milly.  Milly wasn’t very socialised and she would see everyone as an intruder and she would bark and control the backyard in order to keep everyone safe. With her new parents having lots of time and patience and encouragement for Milly, she has lost weight and enjoying her daily exercise meeting people in the village. Milly’s new chapter sees her enjoying one of her favourite pastimes, trying to catch crabs on the beach. (NSW)

Chilli and Snickers were a pair of bonded females even though they had come to each other later in life.  We don’t know what happened with Chilli but she was extremely damaged and had to go on prozac just to allow anyone near her.  The girls have gone to a home where there were two resident dachshunds and whilst Snickers walked in and claimed her place from day 1, Chilli took a little longer just observing.  It wasn’t long before she settled in and teamed up with one of the other dachshunds and now all four go on daily walks and the girls are losing some weight. Their new parents say it’s as if they’ve been there forever. (Vic)

Millie was safely placed in foster care on her first birthday. Her arrival was joyfully celebrated by Jess and Dan while DRA dachshund Lenny, was on hand to welcome Millie with a wagging tail. Lenny was keen to show off the comforts of his home and the delights of a large garden. Millie willingly followed and from that day on the two young dachshunds became inseparable; playing, sleeping and snuggling together. They enjoy an interesting lifestyle with daily walks and fun outings to the beach. Millie is also pleased that Henry, a dog friendly cat ,was an additional household  companion. Not surprisingly, wonderful Jess, Dan, Lenny and Henry have adopted Millie to create a happy, inclusive family home for everyone (Brisbane)

Bonnie’s new owners absolutely love her to bits.   She is a beautiful, dainty little girl who has taken to her new home in typical dachshund style.  Her new dachshund brother Max wasn’t very happy with her arrival at first but now these two little sweethearts often give each other nose kisses.  Bonnie is very playful and her favourite time of the day is playing ball and she could quite happily do so for many hours.  Max and Bonnie live a contented life,  spending their days in the company of their owners and enjoying lots of walks.  (NSW)

Gorgeous 3 year old Minnie, now Barbara, was surrendered to DRA as her owners realised they did not have the time to provide her with adequate attention and training.  As such when Barbara was placed into foster care it became apparent that she was so energetic and full on that the poor resident dachshund didn’t know what had happened to his happy, calm home and he became very stressed!  Barbara has subsequently been rehomed to a family who welcomed her with open arms.  Barbara now has a 3 year old brother and also a sister who is still a puppy.  Together the three dachshunds are a whirlwind of activity.  With older kids in the family there is never a shortage of laps to sit on, tummy rubs and cuddles for all.  (NSW)

Tudge and Lolly are a very bonded pair of dachshunds who have now landed on all eight paws in their new home.  Their new owners were initially taken by surprise and exasperated by their sassy, demanding and quirky natures but were happy to work with DRA to ensure Tudge and Lolly were given adequate time to settle in.   Fortunately for these two gorgeous dachshunds all their naughty indiscretions have been forgiven with love from their new owners as they continue to bring happiness, joy and laughter to the whole family.  (QLD)

6 year old bonded pair Shiloh and Lincoln were  relinquished when distressing events disrupted their owners’ lives. As they say there is always a silver lining and this came in the form of Steve and Ricki who were eager to welcome a dachshund or two, in need of a loving home.

Since their arrival, Shiloh and Lincoln’s  lives have been transformed. They no longer live outdoors and throughout the day have doting companionship, not to mention comfy beds and laps upon which to snuggle. Shiloh and Lincoln feel safe and loved while their quirky personalities are enjoyed every minute of the day.

Heartfelt thanks to Steve and Ricki for giving this delightful pair a bright future and such joyful times. (Vic)

These two gorgeous girls, super affectionate, great with children and perfect in every way…. except out walking where is was like owning Jekyll and Hyde.  They would lunge and bark at other dogs, skate boards, pushchairs, bicycles and anything that moved turning their daily walk into a very stressful experience for their new owners.  They were sent off to an experienced trainer that we have used many times before and have returned the perfect pair in all ways!  Walks are now a pleasure and friends of theirs that have dachshunds can now all get together as well.  Huge thanks to their new parents for not giving up after day 1 but having the patience to work with us to make Coco and Hilde into valued family members.  Loving them was the easy part.  (QLD)

Raising awareness for DRA is so important. Knowing about what we do and that we are here ready to help, played a big factor in the rehoming of beautiful black and tan Charley.  She was surrendered to her local vet and we were subsequently contacted to see if we could find her a suitable home.  Thankfully, her owners were able to provide some information so that could ensure all her needs were met.  Charley is a beautiful natured and happy little girl who was welcomed and adored by her new owners from the day they met her.   Her new older brother, Rove has shown no jealousy and is delighted with her arrival.  Rove even allows Charley to share his favourite time of the week which is licking the saucepan clean after mum meal preps their dinner for the week.  Together they walk around in circles for ages ensuring everything is spotless.  (TAS)

Sixteen year old sweetheart “Darling Abbey” needed an exceptional home for her final years and we found just that.  You may remember Abbey’s dad had to go into a nursing home and Abbey who has one eye, is deaf and has arthritis but with the sweetest disposition, was having to look for a new home

A caring couple came forward offering Abbey companionship, love and a dear little senior boy to be her snuggle bunny.  Abbey is loving her life of comfort, daily walks and wholesome meals.  A very big thank you to Lucia and Simon from all members of the DRA community and from us to the dachshund community, thank you.  Abbey’s story touched your hearts and  so many of you came forward offering to open your homes to her.

Charlie and Winston have settled in so well with our family. The boys have really made themselves at home, finding favourite spots in the sun and enjoying poking about the yard through the garden beds. They are such characters who both love a snuggle up at the end of the day and shadowing us from room to room.

They get so excited for their walks. We’ve done a bit of exploring at the beach and in the hills where they really loved all the new smells!!

We have had a great time getting to know these boys and they have brought so much affection and joy into our house, that we just couldn’t imagine being without them. (WA)

Ten year old Brie never dreamed life could be so satisfying. After leaving her long time home she was welcomed with love by a foster family and their resident dog. Brie appreciated her inclusion in all family activities especially an indoor lifestyle, trips to after school events and daily walks. This provided Brie with a sense of belonging, companionship, mental stimulation and exercise. What more could she want? You guessed it. A permanent place in this family’s home and hearts. And that’s exactly what Brie has earned. (QlD)

Henry is a delightful, affectionate lad but resource guarding of his space had escalated from growling to nipping. This necessitated a new home with a breed experienced owner, without young children, who could confidently rehabilitate this bossy young man.

Fortunately just the right home was uncovered and as an added bonus Henry has a playful, female dachshund as a companion. Henry is rarely left home alone and this, together with consistent training across the day, has transformed him into a trustworthy boy. (Sydney)

Hercules made himself at home only hours after being delivered to his new abode. “It’s as if he has always been with us”.

Hercules is living an active lifestyle and is managing to keep up with his owners ’10,000 steps’ each day. A large deck provides a sunny vantage point to view the surrounding bushland and when the novelty has waned, there is always a comfortable lap on which to snuggle. It is a quiet life filled with simple pleasures but one that Hercules enjoys immensely. (NSW)

Sadly twelve year old Roger needed to be rehomed due to his fur causing a severe allergic reaction to the new baby.  He has settled into his new home fairly quickly and is getting used to the new routines.   Roger loves his daily walks and is a very affectionate boy who loves to sit up on the couch next to his mum and dad.  His new owners are delighted to have a dachshund back in the home once again.  (QLD)

Kuddles and Harry were with their breeder when she became unwell and a number of her dachshunds needed to find homes.  These two went into foster care while we attended to all their veterinary work and it gave them time to see a bit of the outside world.  Months later they have come on in leaps and bounds and now reside on a large farm in the Southern Highlands.

When they first arrived, Beetle the resident dachshund and Maggie the wolfhound welcomed this pair to the farm and Maggie was great mates with Harry.  Sadly Maggie has recently passed away and is sorely missed. Kuddles and Harry have had many new experiences whilst settling into their new home.  Harry saw his dad jump in the dam and he was eager to find out what is was all about and jumped in to join him, taking his first swim. Trips in a car, lots of walking trails and now the dam for swimming as well as chill out time lying by the fire with Beetle.  With a loving family to call their own this pair of dachshunds’ life has turned around and now it’s absolute paradise for them (NSW)

10-month old Louis was recently rehomed through Dachshund Rescue Australia with Andrew Curran and Deb Curran.

His new parents were told to expect a small puppy and one that could probably squeeze through their existing fencing. It turns out that Louis was a big boy and that the fencing upgrade was not required (too late, fencing was done 😅)

Having previously rehomed three older dogs (Choky, Josie and Prez) , Andrew and Deb had to get used to having a high energy puppy again!

Louis is very affectionate, loves cuddling with big sister Molly and looks quite dapper in a bowtie. He is so happy with his new family and has settled in very well. ❤️

Louis frequently wants to wake up his big sister Molly by wrestling with her on the bed very early in the morning. He does an excellent job of that as well as waking up anyone else who might be sleeping on the bed at the same time‼️

He has now had a couple of things removed and he is not as hyper as he was in the beginning😳‼️😂 (WA)

Young Albert’s zest for living and desire to be boss dog became too much for the resident senior dogs. Albert needed more time with his human family and interesting daytime activities to quench his curiosity. His new ‘young at heart’ owners provide just that with regular trips between two properties, country walks and never-ending  games of Fetch. ‘Lord Albert Arthur George’ as he is affectionately known is a happy boy and he is “loved to bits”. (Qld)

Anxious Kramer never adapted to an inner city life after moving from the country. City bustle and urban noises were distressing for him. Reluctantly and with Kramer’s best interests at heart, a new home was sought. Rural life was just the ticket, with both humans about for most of the day and a gentle female dachshund for canine companionship. With his own resident vet nurse at hand and the support from an animal behaviourist, Kramer will most surely overcome anxiety so his new life can be enjoyed to the full. (Vic)

When Charlie’s elderly owner passed away, a friend took Charlie in and whilst Charlie adored her and wanted for nothing, he was heartbroken when she needed to leave the house.  Charlie wanted to be with her 24/7 in case she disappeared from his life and with work and study this just wasn’t practical.  She knew Charlie was lonely and needed company, so relucantly putting him first, she contacted DRA.
Charlie has now joined a family whose dachshund was rather lonely after the loss of her mate. She’s taken on a new lease of life with the young Charlie and Charlie has also had his needs met. One of the many things they do together is lie in the large green garden under a canopy of trees and while away those sunny hours dreaming of chasing rabbits. (NSW)


This much loved vocal pair of 8 year old brothers, had to be rehomed due to their busy owners with a young family working long hours and an upset neighbour who heard the upset dogs during the day!

Gus and Frank both needed more company and more time given to them than the family could do, so these boys are now with a wonderful retired couple who have had their lives enriched by bringing the brothers into their home.  The day the boys arrived their new neighbour, who is a dachshund lover, was waiting at the fence to welcome them into the neighbourhood. The family have a Corella called Corey and Corey has a great repertoire and tells the boys to get in the box when they’re too loud.  Talk about the pot calling the kettle black:) As for their original family they thought they would worrying about the boys’ welfare when they had to rehome them, but they are delighted to see the boys so happy and they in turn are very relieved to have such faith in their new parents. (NSW)

Sophie came off second best after a nasty fight with her dachshund sister. Before the girls could hurt each other even more, it was decided to permanently separate them even though it broke her owners heart to part with her. Sophie has landed on all four paws in a beautiful new home where she has a new brother, Stuart who has a happy and calm nature.   Stuart enjoys Sophie’s company and he took great delight in showing her how to walk up and down the dachshund friendly ramps and steps in the home.  Although she was a little insecure at first she has now settled in completely and is very relaxed especially when Stuart is nearby.   Sophie and Stuart enjoy their daily walks and sunning themselves in the garden.  Sophie has suffered from some skin allergies but with the help of her new vet and diet her skin as improved immensely.  Thank you to Sophie’s new owners who fell in love with their gorgeous little girl immediately.  (SA)

Presley’s Dad was between a rock and a hard place in wanting to keep the companionship of Presley, but knowing that leaving him alone for long hours during the day, was not being kind to Presley who was suffering loneliness. Presley has been “adopted” by Roxy the bulldog/staffie who is a gentle soul and who has recently taken their family’s kitten into her care.  Now Presley has also been taken under her wing and is enjoying life as being a special companion to their son as well as the family.  We’re hoping Presley is beginning to learn that kittens are not for chasing and when this kitten grows up it’s better that he’s on the right side of her.  (NSW)

Indy belonged to a young owner who unfortunately is having a lengthy stay in hospital and  no longer able to look after him. Indy is now in a home and is loving the fact that he shares the home with Cinnamon, a rescue dog that the family welcomed into their home last year.  Cinnamon hasn’t minded sharing his toys with Indy even though Indy has now chewed the ears off every toy!  Indy is  spoilt for company with teenagers as an added bonus and an extremely busy social life, with Christmas celebrations and a party to celebrate his second birthday.  Luckily Indy loves the car because he also goes on road trips to Port Macquarie to visit Grandma who appreciates his visits as he has a lovely personality and is a calm and well-mannered boy – just the type of boy Grandma appreciates  (NSW)

Sadly we don’t know why Coco and her brother were surrendered to the pound.  They were both adopted together but the family returned only Coco back to the pound after a few days.  Coco was then subsequently adopted as an only dachshund but she did not settle and was surrendered to DRA just before Xmas.  Luckily for Coco we managed to find her a wonderful foster home with people who had already adopted Buddy from DRA and are experienced dog owners.  It didn’t take long for Coco to win her foster carers and Buddy’s hearts with her sassy and mischievous personality and she has now been formally adopted.  Coco keeps her new owners amused and exasperated with her antics of climbing trees around the property and we are forever grateful for their tolerance and patience.  (NSW)

I’d like to thank you for the opportunity to adopt Pip and Leo. From day one they both settled into the household like they’d lived here all their lives. They are so affectionate and got along with my mini doxie straight away. They have taken ownership of one of the sofa’s which they spend their nights together on. They both love walking or coming for a ride on the buggy around the paddocks with me to feed the calves and horses.  Both of them love belly rubs A LOT!  Pip is a great little guard dog which seems to be rubbing off on the other 2 and I couldn’t be more happy with that either. With them both having a beautiful gentle nature it was hard for the whole household not to fall in love with them straight away. It’s safe to say they are DEFINITELY indoor dogs when we aren’t doing jobs around the property.  From Leo and Pip’s new owners.  (QLD)

A friend of ours gave us a present with the words “A home is only a house without dogs”. Thanks to Dachshund Rescue we have a home again. Baxter and CJ joined us early in January and have changed our lives, thank you. Watching the 2 of them run around and smell every corner, every leaf that moves and informing the local birds that the dogs are home. We are so blessed to have had the opportunity to take them into our home. Thank you to Jo Tetlow for her support and encouragement during the process. We hope we will do long dog owners proud in looking after Baxter and CJ and look forward to lots of rowdy barking and cuddles. (WA)

Due to a change in family circumstances this much loved 4 year old was looking for a new family home.  Dax has landed on his paws and now finds himself living back inside the home and has a new dachshund sister to get into mischief with.  The family, particularly Mum! is besotted with this little man and although initially anxious at taking on a dachshund sight unseen, due to coronavirus lock downs, it has worked out extremely well and we’re once again so grateful to people who open their homes to our rescues. Meantime Dax is under a training regime to stop barking when he meets other dogs out walking and is also on a weight loss programme.  Dax, however, is taking it in his stride as these dogs know when they’re onto a good thing. (NSW)