Success Stories

Mortadella (Morty) Victoria.

Lovely Morty has been adopted by a caring lady who understands anxiety in dogs and has made it her mission to gradually expose and try to desensitise Morty to some of situations that were causing him a great deal of stress. Morty just loves his new house and has mastered the doggie door, and now spends his days lazing in the sun and playing with his new big sister Tess.

Scooby Doo (1)QLD

Scooby Doo came into care as a confused little boy who so desperately wanted to fit in to a home of his own. He was in foster care for a couple of months and just amazed his carers with how quickly he learnt to do his business outside and sleep throughout the night in his own crate. He is now in his forever home, and we are so chuffed as to how happy he is, and how happy he has made his new owners. He has somebody home nearly all the time and he has an older sister that he just loves to play with...not to mention the floor cuddles/plays he has with his new owner every day!

Eddie (western australia)

Let me tell you a story on my BEST Mother’s Day ever!! Our family have always loved puppy sitting other dachshunds, however I had never really thought about ‘rescuing or rehoming’ a puppy, mainly because I never really knew how it works. One morning I thought, why not- lets just do it, and wow, am I glad I did! I will be forever grateful to Jo from WA and Dachshund Rescue Australia for literally gifting us this perfect little boy! We met Eddie (formally Zip) on a meet and greet on Mother’s Day morning, we bought him home for a trial and totally fell in love, he has melted our hearts and settled in really well! Eddie now has a big sister called Frankie-Mae and a hooman sister called Lexi. Both girls are absolutely besotted with him! He's literally the perfect new addition to our family and we couldn't imagine life without him already! He's our dream boy and as you can see, Frankie’s bestie already! Thank you so much Jo, to be given this opportunity to rehome this boy has truly complete our little fam and we'll be forever grateful to you and to Dachshund Rescue Australia!! ???? Feel free to follow these two ratbags on Instagram! @Frankie_And_Eddie Loads of love, Kristy, Jason, Lexi, Frankie & Eddie

Walla (Western Australia)

Walla (the artist formerly known as Pop) is the newest member of the Schubert family, thanks to DRA. He is an active, inquisitive, intelligent and family-friendly pup, who has settled seamlessly into our household. Walla bonded instantly with his new human family and dachshund sister (Jetta 10 year old female). Walla has helped the entire family heal from the sadness of losing our much loved 11 year old dachshund Ryder. Jetta has found a new lease on life and is relishing having Walla as a new companion to play and snuggle with. She is also thriving having been finally given the opportunity to be top dog of the house as she shows the new pup how things run around the house and local parks. We feel blessed to have Walla join our family and would like to express our gratitude to Dachshund Rescue Australia and Jo Tetlow in particular for the opportunity to welcome him into our home.

Toby (Vic)

Adorable Toby has found the perfect home and family. This dear little puppy needed companionship across the day, an abundance of love and a young dachshund with whom to play. Fortunately just the right family stepped forward and Toby could not wish for more. He has loving, breed experienced parents and a dachshund sister, Tea, who loves a rumble and an energetic game of chasey. Mama Annie is home most days and ‘Nanny’ enthusiastically offers daycare to the the inseparable scallywags. Needless to say, Annie and Ashley are over the moon with the new addition to the family while Tea could not be more delighted with her baby brother. Congratulations to all!

Ruby (VIC)

Four year old Ruby wasn't coping with all the comings and goings of a busy household placing her on high alert. She is now in a quiet country home where her new owners are with her most of the day. Ruby likes to keep her owners within sight and follows them around the house and in the garden. Weekends are usually spent at the local markets whereby she is happy to socialise meeting other dogs and people. Breakfast at the local cafe is another favourite activity of Ruby's where she can enjoy dog and people watching.

Lucy (WA)

Our mother passed away leaving behind a chubby but happy 8 year old dachshund named Lucy. My sister had been living in our Mum's house while she was in hospital mainly to look after Lucy. My brother had said a neighbour of his was interested in Lucy but she was away for a couple of weeks and then when she came back she decided not to go through with being Lucy's new owner. My sister and I were very distressed at this point as she was going to be flying back to Queensland soon and no other family members were able to provide Lucy with the home she deserved. We went to the RSPCA and a young girl provided us with Jo Tetlow's phone number. We rang her while we were This has still in the carpark of the RSPCA. Jo met us and Lucy the same day as she lived in the same suburb as our Mum. Lucy found her new home with a lovely family who already had a dachshund. We have been sent pictures and also information on how Lucy has settled into her new environment. This has been very comforting for my sister and I as we were quite upset at the prospect of rehoming Lucy as we knew how much Lucy meant to our Mum. We just wanted to say a huge thankyou to Jo and what a great asset to your organisation she is

Buttons and Snickers (NSW)

Our family was very eager and had been looking to adopt a dachshund for a while and after many different applications for many dogs from DRA, Buttons and Snickers appeared as available dogs and we knew we had to meet them. At first it was a challenge with 2 new additions to the family, but after spending time getting to know and love Buttons and Snickers, we knew that there would never be a dull moment in our lives again. In the first week, Snickers seemed like a very shy and anxious dog, now he zooms around the house with his tail held up high, on the other hand, Buttons wasn't shy to roll over to get his beloved tummy rubs from day 1. Once we started training the boys, we had our doubts with Snickers, the stubborn dog, but now Snickers knows that when he listens and follows your command, he'll get some delicious chicken treats! Buttons and Snickers have been enjoying exploring all the new smells at the big park across the road and sounding their bark alarm when our neighbours walk by. Every day, the boys' personalities grow bigger and bolder as they grow more comfortable in our home. Buttons still loves getting his tummy rubs and Snickers loves a good game of tug-of-war and we couldn't be happier to be their new furever family.

Sylvie 12 years old NSW

Dear little 12 year old Sylvie, whose hearing and sight is not as good as it used to be, has found herself in the perfect home for an older dachshund, who no longer wished to be part of a busy and young family. She was a little overwhelmed when she first arrived , but her tail is up and wagging now and she has made herself very much at home, happy to go in and out of the doggy door, up and down the ramps to the sofa, laps and cuddles. Whilst her hearing isn't so good, she still knows if anyone goes to the kitchen as she is right behind them! She's been described as an "absolute darling and such a good girl" who manages to get away with quite a lot as they have completely fallen in love with her (NSW)

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