Dachshund Rescue Australia Inc (DRA) aims to ensure that every dachshund in Australia has a safe and loving home.

Formed in 2009 to raise the profile of dachshunds requiring rescue and rehoming across Australia, DRA became an Incorporated Not for Profit Association and officially gained Charity status in 2014.

DRA has developed a reputation as an ethical breed specific organisation within the animal welfare community. We continue to build positive relationships founded on open and respectful communication with shelters / pounds, other rescue groups, registered breeders and members of the dachshund community.

We understand that life changes for people. We work in a non-judgemental manner to ensure that all dachshunds go to an approved, forever home with people who understand the quirks and challenges of the breed.

DRA is volunteer run and does not charge to help rehome dachshunds.

Our Mission


Our mission is to rehome dachshunds in need to a safe, loving forever home with people who understand the quirks of the breed.

We provide education resources for current and potential owners whilst working with responsible, registered breeders and relevant individuals and organisations for the health and betterment of the breed.

Our Featured Dogs

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Sir Basil

Sir Basil was found in a terrible state wandering the roads and taken to the pound where no one claimed him.

DRA put him into foster where he went through a battery of tests for everything under the sun. The patches on his skin are where tar had melted into his fur and despite cutting out most of the tar and several baths, his skin and fur have not completely recovered yet.

He’s all of 5 years old and has a beautiful, friendly and trusting nature. His beautiful foster Mum and Dad couldn’t resist him and have now adopted Sir Basil.

Rambo (Senior Dog)

13 year old Rambo and his elderly owner have had their lives turned upside down when his Dad became ill and had to go into a care home. Rambo had been living with his Dad all his life and it’s extremely upsetting when this happens.

We tried to find Rambo the same type of home that he was used to so he has gone to a retired gentleman where it’s just the two of them. Poor little man was confused when he arrived and spent the first couple of hours crying.

However, walks around the garden, treats and watching the news cuddled up on the sofa have done wonders for both their spirits and they’ve settled into a routine which keeps them both occupied and happy.

His new dad feeds the magpies and Rambo has decided that the magpies shouldn’t be getting this food but rather he should, so his new occupation is chasing off the magpies and trying to get the food for himself.

As for his original owner he reckons between both of them having to be rehomed, Rambo came out top!

Henry (Puppy)

Henry the chocolate puppy who was unwanted after only a few days.

Puppies make a mess, are not housetrained and suffer separation anxiety if they leave their litter mates and go to homes on their own where everyone is at work all day.

Henry is now in the country loving life with another of our rescues, Dixie, and the pair of them can be found most weekends at the horse shows with their Mum and charming everyone they meet.


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