Success Stories

Lucy (WA)

Our mother passed away leaving behind a chubby but happy 8 year old dachshund named Lucy. My sister had been living in our Mum's house while she was in hospital mainly to look after Lucy. My brother had said a neighbour of his was interested in Lucy but she was away for a couple of weeks and then when she came back she decided not to go through with being Lucy's new owner. My sister and I were very distressed at this point as she was going to be flying back to Queensland soon and no other family members were able to provide Lucy with the home she deserved. We went to the RSPCA and a young girl provided us with Jo Tetlow's phone number. We rang her while we were This has still in the carpark of the RSPCA. Jo met us and Lucy the same day as she lived in the same suburb as our Mum. Lucy found her new home with a lovely family who already had a dachshund. We have been sent pictures and also information on how Lucy has settled into her new environment. This has been very comforting for my sister and I as we were quite upset at the prospect of rehoming Lucy as we knew how much Lucy meant to our Mum. We just wanted to say a huge thankyou to Jo and what a great asset to your organisation she is

Buttons and Snickers (NSW)

Our family was very eager and had been looking to adopt a dachshund for a while and after many different applications for many dogs from DRA, Buttons and Snickers appeared as available dogs and we knew we had to meet them. At first it was a challenge with 2 new additions to the family, but after spending time getting to know and love Buttons and Snickers, we knew that there would never be a dull moment in our lives again. In the first week, Snickers seemed like a very shy and anxious dog, now he zooms around the house with his tail held up high, on the other hand, Buttons wasn't shy to roll over to get his beloved tummy rubs from day 1. Once we started training the boys, we had our doubts with Snickers, the stubborn dog, but now Snickers knows that when he listens and follows your command, he'll get some delicious chicken treats! Buttons and Snickers have been enjoying exploring all the new smells at the big park across the road and sounding their bark alarm when our neighbours walk by. Every day, the boys' personalities grow bigger and bolder as they grow more comfortable in our home. Buttons still loves getting his tummy rubs and Snickers loves a good game of tug-of-war and we couldn't be happier to be their new furever family.

Sylvie 12 years old NSW

Dear little 12 year old Sylvie, whose hearing and sight is not as good as it used to be, has found herself in the perfect home for an older dachshund, who no longer wished to be part of a busy and young family. She was a little overwhelmed when she first arrived , but her tail is up and wagging now and she has made herself very much at home, happy to go in and out of the doggy door, up and down the ramps to the sofa, laps and cuddles. Whilst her hearing isn't so good, she still knows if anyone goes to the kitchen as she is right behind them! She's been described as an "absolute darling and such a good girl" who manages to get away with quite a lot as they have completely fallen in love with her (NSW)

Lenny (WA)

Our family were overjoyed when we received the adoption phone call from Jo at Dachshund Rescue. It had been two years since our beautiful, old dachie had passed away, and we were all longing for a dachshund to join our family. We had moved to Perth a year before, just as COVID arrived. Dachshunds were difficult to find and waiting lists were long. So, we placed our name with Dachshund Rescue, hoping one of those happy re-homing stories would one day be ours. And here we are! Our adorable boy Lenny has come to us from a loving home. He has settled into our large family life well, where he has a continuous supply of laps to sit on. It took him a couple of weeks to become familiarwith each family member, but he is now excited to see each person when they walk in the door. We all love having Lenny there to greet us too! Lenny has been loving his walks along the river and sniffing along the foreshore. He has chosen Mum and Dad’s bed as his own, but is known to go ‘bed hopping’ in the mornings, finding someone who is still in bed to snuggle with. Thankyou Dachshund Rescue for making this adoption possible. You have given Lenny a family who adores him and who are grateful to have him.

Ace now known as Walter (WA)

Perfection in Imperfection. Lil Walter came into our world after an unexpected handicap start. A broken back 😬 Having dealt with IVDD & back issues, it felt like a gamble taking on a daxie pup who had already been dealt a spinal blow. However, we were assured he had healed and that his injury would unlikely pose a later problem. Little did we know that this little guy’s injury would prove to be his superpower. He joined our little pack and slipped right in. Confident and at ease with the big kids, he nestled right in and stole our collective hearts. He’s a gentle and playful spirit with a confident and independent streak. They say 3 is the most stable structure. We’re so happy with our 3 💗.

Daisy geelong (Vic)

Daisy came in as an urgent rehoming. We had a foster family drive down to collect her. They did a wonderful job, taking Daisy out walking and follow up house/toilet training. We thank them for the excellent care they gave Daisy whilst giving us lots of feedback on her mannerisms and potentially what to look for in a future home. Daisy now has joined her new home and sister Poppy. Poppy is a sweet gentle girl and is enjoying having a companion dachshund to keep her company and sunbake with.Daisy is a very energetic dog, she has lots of energy and love to give. We look forward to seeing her progress in her new home.

Slinky (canberra)

Slinky is loving his new home. His owners work from home and this lucky boy loves the company. He has some great parks nearby spoilt for choice. Slinky is a well travelled boy, road trips to Portland to visit family members. In typical Slinky fashion he takes everything in his stride.

Baxter (canberra)

Baxter's family had major changes with work relocating interstate. At 16 months old the search was on to find him a compatible home. He has been adopted by a wonderful owner and has a sweet sister Molly. Andi has dedicated lots of resources and time into Baxter. He is an anxious boy and can be very vocal at home alone, even for a short period. We hope in time he rewards his dedicated mum and starts to cooperate and relax. Baxter and Molly live in an idyllic spot near the beach.

Baby (NSW)

Baby had come from a home where she and one of the other resident dachshunds had both decided it was a good idea to gang up on the cats in the household. Keeping all the animals separated and safe from each other was becoming very stressful for all involved. Baby has now been adopted by a lovely family and she has a new furry dachshund brother called Franklin. Baby was a little snappy on her arrival but soon discovered what fun it is to play and enjoy kisses and cuddles. Although she hadn't been on too many walks in her old home, she now loves going out and about exploring the neighbourhood. Baby also enjoys watching the footy with her family and sleeping in washing baskets.

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