Success Stories

Taco – Hawthorn – VIC

Taco is a beautiful dachshund with a lovely personality. With changes in the family circumstances Taco was not being given the attention that he desperately craved. Taco is now a very happy little boy who has a new dachshund sister to keep him company on the odd occasion that they find themselves home alone. Although Taco is a shy boy who hides behind his owners when first meeting people and other dogs, he has made a few friends with the other local dachshunds. Taco is starting to flourish in his new home and enjoys spending time with his family and new dachshund friends at the local beach.

Annie – NSW

Little Orphan Annie was sadly found as a stray, abandoned on the side of the road. Understandably she wasn't coping in the shelter but luckily that is all behind her now. Annie and her new mum loved each other from the moment they met. On arrival at her new home, Annie met her new family which includes a dachshund called Tilly. Annie and Tilly bonded immediately. The girls play non stop, running around the house, garden and Tilly has been teaching Annie how to play fetch. Surprisingly, they also have the energy to go on two walks daily. Annie likes going on adventures and recently enjoyed a trip to her local Bunnings 🙂 Annie is always ready for cuddles and luckily she is now getting lots of them! Thank you to all who were involved with Annie's rehoming.

Greta, 10yo & Bert, 13yo. South East Queensland.

Bert and Greta are our senior sweeties that have gone to spend their retirement in the country. Life has had a complete change for them. Every day they go for a walk to patrol the borders and sus out all the country smells and sights that they havent been exposed to before. They still arent quite sure what to make of those bouncing kangaroos though! We are so happy that Bert and Greta have been able to stay together, and we cant thank their new owners enough for stepping up and opening their hearts and home to this gorgeous pair.

Travis- Hallam – VIC

Travis is a gorgeous little boy who is playful, energetic and very loving. Luckily for Travis, he is well suited to his new forever home and his adoptive family fell in love with him from the moment they met him. In the short time that he has been in his new home, the daily routine is now well and truly revolved around Travis. He brings a lot of happiness into the home and life before his arrival is a distant memory. He travels in the mornings to help with the school drop off and cries when the kids get out of the car but luckily mum is with him during the day providing lots of cuddles. After dinner is Travis' favourite time of the day when the whole family take him to the beach for some family fun time playing in the sand.

Winston, (now Frankie) NSW

Poor Frankie (was Winston) has a sad tale to tell, he was found lost and wondering all alone and his owners never came forward to pick him up. He was extremely fearful of men and we were fortunate enough that a lovely lady stepped forward who had not long lost her previous dog who lived to be 17yrs old. She is committed to working on his reactivity and increasing his socialisation with nice long walks around the suburbs of Canberra and he also loves playing with his soccer ball in the back yard. Jenelle says that he is really a big sook and takes himself to bed each night with his toy bunny. Frankie has now been given another chance to start to trust humans again, and work on his fears whilst being in a loving home. Thanks Jenelle for choosing to adopt a rescue dachshund!

Nixon (Loki) – VIC

Little Nixon (now Loki) did not have the ideal start to life that he deserved and sadly had found himself abandoned in a box at only 12 weeks of age. Luckily for him, he has now landed on all four of his cute little paws in an amazing home with older dachshund siblings for company. Loki is a happy boy who loves playing with his brand new toys, especially the furry duck with two squeakers! He has a healthy appetite eating everything put in front of him. Loki is sleeping in his own bed with new fluffy blankets and doing all the fun activities that every puppy should be doing. Loki's facial scars are healing nicely and the mange he was suffering from has almost gone as well. We can only hope that Loki's mother, father and litter siblings are faring as well as Loki and are not suffering at the hands of their disgraceful breeders. Thank you to Mornington Animal Shelter. Loki's new owners and all involved who helped Loki in his time of need. ***It is everyone's responsibility to report animal cruelty. Don't wait until it's too late. Loki is a survivor but there are many who are not so lucky.


Harley, is a very lucky Dachshund!, he has found his own slice of paradise on an expansive acreage. Embracing his newfound freedom, he spends his days frolicking across open fields, relishing the sheer joy of running and playing to his heart's content. With companionship day and night, Harley is surrounded by love and care, basking in the warmth of his new home. For this fortunate pup, life couldn't get any better—it's a dream come true, filled with boundless happiness and endless new adventures.

Remi, 2yrs, Townsville QLD.

Remi was adopted by a kind couple in Far North Queensland who had recently been converted to life with a dachshund and were keen to adopt another so that they could have double the love, and double the trouble. Miss Remi loves playing with Boris, snuggling on the couch playing tug of war and the endless zoomies around the house keep them entertained. Remi has daily walks down on the beach and loves the different sights and smells of the ocean. Thankyou for choosing to adopt, we are thrilled that Remi has found her 'furever home'!

Freddie Mercury (1) Standard Smooth – Moreton Bay Qld

I Was Born to Love You was a song made famous by Freddie Mercury and his namesake was certainly born to love his new family. His new family write. "Freddie Mercury has been such an excellent addition to our family. Freddie’s birth parents had done such an amazing job training and loving him we have been very lucky to benefit from all their love and hard work. Freddie has adapted so well into our family, and he is loved by all who meet him. Freddie is so affectionate and easy going. He has bonded well with our 10 year old bichon keeping him young. Everyone is always telling us how handsome and well natured he is. Freddie loves walks and socialising with other dogs, he is an excellent guard dog alerting us of anything going on around the house. One of Freddie’s best tricks is ringing his bell at the front door when he wants to go for an outing! Our family loves you, Freddie Mercury! (Freddie is currently asleep at my feet at the end of our bed)."

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