Success Stories

Luna – NSW

With family life becoming busier and commitments outside of the home, Luna was becoming anxious and unhappy being left alone. She is now with a new dachshund brother Hank (also DRA rescue) and in a home where someone is with her most of the day. Hank has been the most beautiful gentleman and welcomed Luna from day one showing her how to use the doggie door and enjoying her company when out on their walks. Luna needs a little more encouragement with her toileting but all in all she is a far less anxious girl. You can follow the adventures of Hank and Luna on their Instagram Hankthetankandlunagirl


Mojo, as his name suggests, is a dachshund with great charm and personal magnetism. Therefore it was no surprise that just a few days into the adoption trial, his new parents announced “Mojo is not going anywhere. He’s staying with us.” Mojo’s magic had worked! Every day Mojo becomes more confident in his new home. His anxiety is diminishing and the relationship with canine buddy Bonnie is steadily building. The companionship Mojo craved is ever present and there is always a comfortable lap upon which to snuggle. Happy days ahead for all.

Hansel & Gretel

No Success Story Available

*Sunny* NSW

Sunny is just the right name for this delightful dachshund. She is cheerful, friendly and has brightened life of her forever family, including Freddy Noodles, her new bestie. The perfectly matched pair are inseparable. They fossick together in the garden, frolic in the house, sleep entwined and will even eat from the same bowl. Amanda, who is owned by the dachshunds, reports that the blossoming romance is “very sweet to watch”. Sunny now has everything she wished for; a loving family, caring human siblings, and best of all Freddie Noodles.

Jax & Ginger – WA

We applied to Dachshund Rescue Australia for a friend for our mini anxious boy Ziggy, in the hope a friend would help him feel more secure and happy to be left for an hour or two. We were matched with a gorgeous bonded pair, named Ginger and Jax (now known as Maggie-Mae & Travis Barker…. For obvious reasons!)😂😂oh my does he bark!! But we love him all the same. Ziggy can be a bit reactive to other dogs, so we were a bit concerned on how he would react to having two new friends! But from the moment they met at the park, we could see this could work for us, so decided to strap them in the car and give it a go, in the hope they all could become best friends. Neither Travis or Maggie were house trained, nor did they initially know how to play. Ziggy made sure he shared his toys and kept trying to instigate play. Now Ziggy and Travis love playing tug of war and rolling around the floor together. Maggie and Ziggy just bounce around with each other playing like a couple of puppies. All of them love to sleep together too. Toilet training has been a huge task, Fitbit thinks I’ve started a new life & praises me for my weekly steps 😂 but now they both know outside is toilet time & inside is cuddle and play space! Maggie was the hardest to train, Travis got it quicker than her and I can honestly say the time spent teaching them new things and snuggling with them both is so rewarding. While I’m in the kitchen the 3 of them queue up for raw veggie snacks, which they absolutely love. Travis is on a diet to reduce his weight a bit and is doing so well. They now enjoy playing, eating, cuddling & sleeping together but most of all each other’s company…..& YES Ziggy’s anxiety is so much better. He’s comfortable if we pop to the shops now and then and not so anxious on our return. We can only see this improving even more as time goes by. We really don’t know what life was like before we adopted Maggie and Travis and looking forward to them living their best lives in the comfort of our home. This was one of our best decisions ever! We would also like to thank Jo for the opportunity! Alison & Mark Nelson Wellard WA

Lilly 2.5 year old mini long QLD)

Lilly was in a busy family home with 3 very young children and as a result less time was being given to Lilly. In spite of the busy home, Lilly's owner had put a lot of effort into her training which made her a dream to rehome. The brief was to find a home for Lilly where she would be the Princess of the house and that is exactly where she has ended up! Her new Dad fell in love with her immediately, and since Klaus the resident dachshund is a Mummy's boy, the dynamics of a dachshund for each of them was perfect. Over the past couple of weeks Lilly has learnt what toys and play are all about and she and Klaus now have lots of fun chasing each other around and teasing each other in play. When they've finally exhausted themselves, if Lilly is not on someone's lap then she's sleeping on top of Klaus. (Qld)

Bear (NSW)

We are delighted that Bear finally has a family to call his own after spending most of his life in a group home with residents who have disabilities. His two devoted humans agree that he is ‘Bear by name and Teddybear by nature’ being affectionate, cuddlesome and always happy to provide warmth and comfort to others. Bear has loved meeting new friends and the extended family. He put his best paw forward, charmed the ladies and readily accepted belly rubs from all. Have a wonderful life Bear!


Frisco is enjoying a new lease of life and is embracing his inner puppy. Although older than his senior girlfriend, Frisco tries to entice her into a friendly rumble. And when the pair come home from a walk, he shows delight by doing a energetic happy dance around the house. Frisco’s new family are delighted with him and are ever ready to show him affection. And Frisco loves his belly rubs!

Mabel QLD

Gorgeous little Mabel was adopted into an active family that already have a lovely boy Cheddar. Cheddar took to Mabel instantly and vice versa, and they were soon playing chasey around the lounge room. Their antics have bought the family much joy, and they just cant imagine not having Mabel in their lives now.

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