Success Stories

Eric 14 months (central coast) nsw

This gorgeous boy had guardian angels looking over him. We were contacted by a shelter to assist as he wasn't suitable to be in a pound environment. A call to arms, resulted in Bianca foster carer making a mercy dash to the central coast. Well to say Eric hasn't looked back is an understatement. He has done remarkably well from the first encounter with his big brother Monty. Eric is a sensitive soul, he just adores his foster carer, truly knowing this is his forever home. The boys snuggle and tussle keeping Bianca entertained. Eric has been given a clean bill of health, vet visits for his vaccinations. DRA is extremely grateful for the shelter staff contacting us and his foster carer/adopter for opening her arms to Eric. The boys are very lucky there mum takes them on some great outings. Eric's life has been transformed we are elated!

Nina Sydney

Nina found a home from home, within minutes she had settled on the couch next to her new owner, feeling loved and enjoying being the focus of attention again. Nina has her own garden, sleeps in the bedroom and Someone to share her days, she is in her element x

Simba, 2yrs 6mths & Amber, 1yr 8mths, Bris/Toowoomba QLD

No Success Story Available

Batman (2) Liverpool NSW

No Success Story Available

Gabriel (Gabe) – Dachshund Cross Kelpie – VIC

Sweet Gabe is an adorable dachshund cross who found himself looking for his new home due to the rental crises. Gabe was a little unsettled on arrival and it took him a day or so to start to eat and drink again but now that's all behind him and he is well and truly making himself at home. Gabe is enjoying spending time in the garden exploring and also has managed to dig a lovely hole in the middle of the lawn! Gabe loves going on walks and is very well behaved on the lead. Gabe is a smart little boy and has already learnt a few commands (with the help of treats!). He is as good as gold with his manners and not one accident in the house! This little cutie is a definite keeper! All the best Gabe!

Lucy Sunshine Coast QLD

Lucy settled in quickly, the routine the adopters set has Lucy knowing her daily walks, when is mealtime and of course outside activity. The adopters took time to allow her to find her feet. She still rushes at unfamiliar dogs, and they are working on that so she will be the best pooch on the street. She has filled the house with loads of fun and laughter by them and excited barks by her. Thank you so much Lucy is extremely lucky. DRA is very grateful.

Pretzel, 7yrs 5 mths, Brisbane Region, QLD.

Pretzel was living a lonely life in his previous home, but all that has changed and Pretzel is now a much loved and cherished member of his new family and he has a big sister Lexi to snuggle up with. Lexi and Pretzel are living the dachie dream, with their new owner working from home, a big backyard to sniff out sunny spots and also regular walks along the river. As we were updated "He is a beautiful boy and we love him very much!" Thanks for choosing to adopt a rescue dachshund!

Mocha, 3yrs 10mths, Melb VIC.

Mocha hadnt had a great start to life, with already having had several homes before her guardian angel from another rescue contacted us to see if we could help with a new home for her. We had just the family in mind for Mocha, and at the meet and greet we could all tell it was just meant to be. On the way to her new home, she was already snuggling up to her bigger brother Ernie, who couldnt believe his luck that he now had a younger sister. Its worked out better than we expected and Miss Mocha has definitely found her forever home and her happy ever after. Thankyou for choosing to adopt a rescue dachshund!

Slinky Canberra

Slinky, a lovable dachshund, has found his forever home! After being adopted, he’s now the centre of attention, completely doted on by his new family. With a whole acre to run and play, Slinky enjoys his newfound freedom every day. He has plenty of company, ensuring he’s never lonely. His new home is filled with everything he needs and more, from cozy spots to nap to endless toys to play with. Slinky’s life is now full of joy and adventure, surrounded by a family who adores him. This little dachshund has truly found his perfect match!

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