Success Stories

Barry – QLD

Barry is a little bundle of cuteness and energy! Barry (now known as Peanut) is living on a semi rural property with plenty of room to explore. Peanut has new friendly dachshunds siblings to keep him company and play with. Thank you to his new owners for coming forward to adopt this little munchkin. We hope he continues to bring you lots of happiness.

Muriel – Officer VIC

Muriel came into DRA looking for a home where she would have companionship during the day. Muriel has happily settled into her new home where she has just about taken over the household. She has two new dachshund brothers to boss around and her new owners are kept busy ensuring this little girl is content. Muriel has always been scared of men but is coming around to her new human dad. She allows him to put her harness on for her daily walks which she adores, but then can be caught glaring at him at other times! Lucky for Muriel that he adores his new little princess.

Harry – Coomera QLD

At first Harry was shy and timid in his new home, but after a couple of days he came out of his shell and his personality started to shine. He is a happy and energetic little boy who loves jumping around the garden like a jack rabbit in the grass. Harry is a big stickybeak and needs to know what's going on at all times. Harry sleeps in his owners beds, snores like a trouper and likes to spread himself out as wide as he can be. It's true to say that Harry has stolen his new owners hearts.

Mickey – Coomera QLD

Mickey is a delightful little boy who is adored by everyone in his new family. He is now living on a farm with another 3 furry siblings to keep him company and play with. Mickey has mastered the art of the doggie door and happily takes himself in and out as he pleases and has only ever had one accident in the house. Such a clever boy! Mickey has become best friends with the biggest and tallest dog in the home and the pair are as thick as thieves. One of Mickey's favourite activities of the day is to patrol his new property and bark at the cows.

Jeff -Perth

Jeff was suffering from anxiety after losing his best mate earlier this year. He was taking out his anxiety on the older dog in the house, so his parents had to reluctantly rehome him, where he could be the spoilt only dog. His new owners write. "We rescued our very sweet boy two weeks ago and he has adapted very well, sleeps in our bed every night and is eating very well. Jeff is a class A snuggle bunny who has a very affectionate personality with lots of energy. We are very pleased to have been chosen to be his new family, we all love him dearly."

Dex 3 Milly 2 : Brisbane

I couldn't recommend D.R.A enough! From the first contact, I knew I had found an organization I could trust and two Dachshunds to love forever. The transition from enquiry to being a new Dachie mum of two was seamless! I cannot thank D.R.A enough for bringing Dex and Milly into my life. They have settled into their new home and love their morning and afternoon walks. Weekend adventures and almost endless play time and of course loads of cuddle time. Thank you love Dex, Milly, Saphire, Cass and Leia

Ace and Ivy – Adelaide

After sadly losing their adored Miniature Pinscher Sully, the sound of the little feet of Ace and Ivy pitter pattering in the home is one of pure joy to their new owners. The adorable litter siblings have settled into their new home without any issues at all. As soon as they get up in the morning it's always a rush to check that the kids are awake and ready to play. Ace and Ivy are very well behaved and love it when guests visit the home and give them cuddles and pats.

Archie (3) melbourne

Archie's owners needed to rehome him due to a change in their living arrangements His new owners are so happy that they adopted him and sent this message and some recent photos. "It is with great pleasure that we have now decided to adopt Archie to be a family member of ours. From day 1 Archie settled into our home showing us that he had accepted us as his new owners. He is a very loving little boy and loves both of us as we do him. We didn't walk him for 3 days as we wanted for him to settle in. When we did walk him and found that he was fearful of other dogs having been in lockdown for 2 years, so we will have a professional trainer to help him overcome his problem. Archie adjusted very well to eating, using his doggie door for toilet and first night slept well in his own bed with us in our room. He loves chasing his ball and playing with his soft toy dog. Loves cuddling up to us enjoying pats and the companionship. We are ever so happy to have Archie now in our lives after the loss of an older dachshund dog that passed away 6 months ago. Thanks to the team at DRA and Diane in finding us this lovely boy Archie. Blessings to all"

Alfie – northern beaches NSW

I think his new owner fell in love with Alfie as soon as she met him. She writes. Alfie is doing really well. We are so happy to have him. Thank you for selecting us! Alfie is a wonderful boy. He has brought us lots love with only some very minor challenges along the way. He loves nothing more than to cuddle up on the couch or to bake his belly in the sun. He’s not yet a fan of other dogs but has warmed very well to family and friends. Alfie is thoroughly enjoying his new home and surrounds. He goes for regular walks and greets the locals in the shops who come out to see him for a cuddle.

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