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Dachshund Rescue Australia IVDD Subsidy Scheme


IVDD is a genetic disease with no current cure. At this point in time the only way to reduce the incidence of IVDD is X-Ray screening and scoring on dachshunds between 24-48 months of age. The aim of X-ray screening for IVDD is to reduce the occurrence of herniations, by encouraging breeding with dogs that have low numbers of calcifications. This will then assist with ethical breeding programs, to help reduce this disease.


In an effort to reduce the number of dachshunds afflicted with IVDD, the below offer was sent out to the Australian Dachshund club secretaries in late 2021 offering financial assistance to ANKC registered breeders to back score their breeding dogs.

We encourage anyone considering buying a puppy to only buy from ethical, ANKC-registered breeders and request a record of their breeding pair's x-ray results.


Dear Club Secretaries,

Thank you for your feedback in regards to the DRA IVDD Subsidy Scheme.

Based upon your feedback, the DRA Board has decided to implement the scheme in the following manner:
1. The scheme will be open to all ANKC Registered Breeders who are financial members of their State Canine Control Council and of a State Dachshund Club. (Some Breeders don't have a Dachshund Club in their State but will be a member of another State Dachshund Club).
2. Each of the Dachshund Clubs will be allocated a $9,000 subsidy grant.
3. The Dachshund Clubs are:- Dachshund Club of Queensland, Dachshund Club of NSW, Dachshund Club of Victoria, Novocastrian Dachshund Club of NSW and Dachshund Club of Western Australia.
4. Each Dachshund Club may distribute its subsidy grant to approved members in a manner it decides. (For example, the Club can set its own subsidy cap and how it's allocated to its members).
5. Each Dachshund Club must inform DRA what level of subsidy (up to a maximum of $450) it is approving for its Club members.
6. Each Breeder must pay for their Vet's X-ray invoice.
7. Each Breeder must send a copy of the dog's pedigree and test certificate to the NDC Secretary for entering into the database.
8. Each Breeder must send a copy of their Vet's invoice, and the name of the Club they are a member of, to DRA along with their banking details for their subsidy reimbursement.
9. The scheme will run until June 30th 2022.

Please note the following contacts at DRA.
1. The DRA Scheme Coordinator is Sharman Moore at ([email protected])
2. The DRA Finance Coordinator is Ruth Salminen at ([email protected])

World Dachshund Day - 22 June

World Dachshund Day, (June 22nd which is the shortest day of the year in the Southern Hemisphere and longest in the North) is a celebration of all things dachshund.

Dachshund fans and their dachshunds join together at various fun events around the world.

The day has been created to raise awareness of the breed and help preserve its future.

In addition to the unique level of fun that only a large gathering of dachshunds can provide, we hope owners can work together to help reduce the number of dachshunds requiring rehoming through education and improved legislation.

Prospective owners are encouraged to attend a local event and learn if being owned by a dachshund is right for you.

We encourage all attendees to make a gold coin donation to their local dachshund rescue.

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