Archer, 5yrs, Brisbane, QLD.

Introducing the charming and handsome Archer!  This affectionate boy absolutely adores attention.  His delightful nature shines brightest when he’s around adults and teenagers who can appreciate his demand for cuddles and attention.

Archer is house-trained and knows how to use a doggie door, although he does experience bouts of anxiousness when left alone—which can sometimes cause him to have a tiny accident.  Ensuring that he is comforted or not left alone for extended periods tends to alleviate this minor concern, therefore an owner who is retired, works from home or is only a part time worker would be favourable for Archer.

This lovable doggie enjoys playing with his dachshund brother, so the presence of another dachshund friend can be a joy for him.  A lover of lazy sunbathing sessions, he likes nothing better than to bask in the golden rays.  However, Archer isn’t too keen on getting his feet wet, so a dry, comfortable spot is his preferred retreat.

While Archer has an eager-to-please attitude, his care does require someone familiar with the needs and traits of a dachshund.  His new family will need to have a reasonable amount of time to dedicate to their new companion, as he finds comfort with human presence due to a tad bit of anxiety.  He can be a little bit dominant when trying to get what he wants, as in the couch or human bed, so an owner who can be assertive and maintain the ‘top dog’ mantra would be ideal.

Archer loves to settle down in the back yard in the sun, and thinks that he is in heaven when his owner gives him a meaty bone to have a good chew on.  Archer enjoys a walk, however he isnt too fussed on long walks so a brisk 20 minute walk once a day is ideal for him.

Overall, Archer is looking for a warm, loving, experienced dachshund-friendly home.  If you have the understanding and patience to offer him the companionship he needs, you can expect in return a loyal, loving, and exceptionally rewarding fur-friend in the forever wagging tail of Archer.

Sorry, no flights.  For further information please email [email protected]

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