Bobby – Perth WA

Bobby is a beautiful boy with a lovely temperament.

In his previous home Bobby lived with two other dachshunds one of which was Simba (also up for rehoming) so he will need to go to a home where there is another friendly dog to keep him company on the occasions that their owners are out.

Bobby is a little on the larger side but he loves to go on walks.  He can be quite strong on the lead and pulls ahead in his enthusiasm to explore so he will need a little bit of training to get him to heel.

Unfortunately Bobby is not a guard dog.  Infact because he is so friendly he will probably welcome all strangers into your home 🙂  He is super affectionate and very loving.

Bobby would love to go to a home where his owners are home majority of the day and he would need to have access to the garden as he likes to sleep in the sunshine.  Bobby is also toilet trained.

If you are able to welcome Bobby into your home please fill in an adoption form.


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