Dash (12) Maroochydore QLD

Dash 12years Red Miniature Dachshund

Introducing Dash, a light-hearted and gentle-natured soul who’s irresistibly endearing. As a dog in his twilight years, Dash is seeking a tranquil home that will provide warmth, comfort, and love to match his generous spirit.

Ideal for a family with children above the age of 10, Dash’s heart is open to welcome both older kids and cat companions. You see, Dash has a feline sibling named Tom back home, and they’ve been the best of pals for years!

A daily routine appeals to Dash, particularly when it involves a relaxed stroll to the corner and back. It’s a simple routine, yet it brings him so much joy and zest for life. And while other dogs might let retirement slow them down, not Dash. He loves to voice his opinions to the world — whether it be motorbikes, lawn mowers, or larger dogs, Dash loves to let them know he’s got something to say.

Back at home, Dash continues to be the eyes and ears of the family, never hesitating to bark when unknown people approach the door. However, Dash has become somewhat forgetful in his older years, occasionally having the odd accident inside. But we believe his loving demeanor and sweet nature will make these small mishaps feel like nothing at all.

The perfect setting for Dash would be a serene and steadfast home. He’s a seasoned cuddler, always ready for snuggle time on the couch or a quiet moment with the family. With Dash, you’re not just adopting a dog, but gaining a furry friend who will repay your kindness and patience with unwavering loyalty and affection.

So, if your home could benefit from a dash of sweet companionship and love, Dash might just be the perfect four-legged friend for you.

Please read the information we have provided and apply on our website. Enquiries [email protected]

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