Frank- 2 years- Coffs Harbour

Frank is a handsome 2-year-old mini smooth Piebald boy who has found himself needing a new home due to his owners change in life circumstances. He has not had a lot of experience with children but loves going to the beach, although like most dachsies he tends to bark at unfamiliar people.

He has lived with other dogs but would probably be better with no other dogs in the house.

His owner has not had the time to rein in his enthusiasm for raiding rubbish bins so he needs a home where he can feel safe and secure with someone who can devote the time to training him.

He would be best suited to a home where the owner is around most of the day, with a garden to run around and plenty of sights and sounds to keep him out of mischief.

If you think you can give this adorable little fellow a forever home where he is loved to bits, please submit your application.



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    Mini Smooth

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    2 Years 3 Months

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    I like kids

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    I like dogs

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    I like cats

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    I like small animals

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    I am trained

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