Lucy 1yr 9mth Caboolture QLD

Lucy 1year 9-month smooth standard red Dachshund

Introducing Lucy, also known as Lulu Lemon, has a sparkling personality. She is ready to make her place in your heart! Showing typical Dachshund traits. Lucy’s currently an outdoor girl, keeping watch of the landscapes 24/7, but she would love a balance of indoor, outdoor family life, and all the activity that entails. Occasionally sleeping inside with her human. Adoring kisses on her head.

Lucy’s has dog siblings. Cuddling up with fellow fur-friends at night is one of her favorite pastimes. When it’s time for a walk, she can be quite chatty, showing enthusiasm by tugging at her lead.

Being the resourceful Dachshund that she is, Lucy sometimes likes to claim the role of ‘boss’. She’s quite a character, slightly sassy but ultimately very lovable. Therefore, a home with previous Dachshund experience would be a perfect match for her.

A comfortable space both indoors and outdoors where she can feel safe and loved will help her adjust perfectly to her new family. While little humans and cats might make her nervous, a patient and understanding home can significantly improve her comfort level It is recommended that Lucy join a new family that can provide a calm household and children 10years and older.

For the most part, Lucy thrives off routine. She prefers a predictable pattern of activities.

If you can offer Lucy a routine-filled, understanding, and love-surrounded environment, then it seems like she’s found the perfect match in you.

No Flights. Please fill in an application on our website. Questions [email protected]

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