Maggie,12yrs 11mths, Syd NSW.

Sweet Senior, Maggie is a delightful mini long that has the sweetest nature!

Maggie is a delightful senior with impeccable manners, this has certainly been a difficult decision for her owners and we would love for Maggie to find her ‘retirement’ home.  For those that have had a mini long before, you will know that they have hearts of gold and tend to not be quite as feisty as their smooth relatives.

Maggie has a very laid back nature.  She adores all people and has been exposed to children and enjoys receiving pats and cuddles from ‘gentle hands’.  Sittin on the couch and snuggling up close is what she considers to be her happy hour!

Maggie is still quite social and would enjoy a daily stroll so that she can get out and smell the flowers and feel the wind in her hair.  She walks nicely on the lead, however her owner says that she certainly knows when they turn in the direction of home and she picks up the pace.  She doesnt pull and generally ignores most other dogs she sees on her walk.

Over the years Maggie has had to have quite a few of her teeth removed and is sometimes a bit fussy now with her food now.   She still eats small kibble, but loves to have a  spoonful of greek yoghurt mixed in with it.  Her other favorite treats are chicken and cheese.

Maggie is well toilet trained, she knows to go outside.

If you can offer this lovely lady a forever home where you are home a great deal of the time to pamper her, please fill out an application form as we would love to hear from you.

Not available for interstate adoption.

For further information, please email [email protected]




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