Minnie – Richmond (NSW)

Minnie is a happy and sweet little girl who came to live with her current owner after she had spent her first year in a home where she was left alone for long periods and was lonely.  Unfortunately it sometimes happens that when you love your human as much as Minnie does, it’s very hard to share the affection and so sadly Minnie and her dachshund sister Piper have started to fight amongst each other when vying for attention. Minnie gets on well with her dachshund brother who is submissive and oblivious to his sisters behaviour and she is fine with her sister if her mum’s not around.

Minnie would be most suited to a home where she is either the one and only princess or with another gentle and submissive boy.  She would be in her element if her owners were to be home majority of the day.

Minnie is a very loyal dachshund who likes to keep her favourite humans in her sight and will follow you around the home.  Minnie hasn’t been on too many walks recently but she would benefit from some daily exercise and perhaps some social training would be required.

Minnie is up to date with her vaccinations and desexed.

Please fill in an adoption form should you wish to apply.


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