Ollie (1)yr 3 mths Port Macquarie N.S.W

Ollie 1year 3 months old Chocolate Dapple miniature Dachshund

Meet Ollie, an engaging pup with a love for life and all its little adventures. He’s a great walker, always ready for the next journey and eager to introduce himself to new folks along the way. His friendly demeanour warms up quickly to new people, charming his way into their hearts in the quest for affectionate pats and cuddles.

Socially, Ollie is a gem. More than just getting along with most dogs, he has a special affinity for Dachshunds and has built some strong friendships. Children over the age of 13 would find him to be an excellent and patient companion. His keen eye for discovery pairs well with kids’ explorative nature, and those nature walks to sniff out exciting trails would turn into fun-filled adventures with this furry rover by their side.

Not your average pet, Ollie shows off an athletic prowess by playing fetch and returning the ball with an air of pride and accomplishment. He’s not just all play and no work either — he’s crate trained and has great manners to boast about. You’ll often find him sitting, occasionally without even being prompted, quite the gentleman.

Being a part of a family is high on Ollie’s wish list, he loves joining in family activities and makes a loving addition to every outing. A calm home where his laid-back nature can blossom would be highly desirable. He can definitely bring a touch of tranquillity and a great deal of fun to your household as a forever-faithful four-legged friend waiting to be loved.

In a nutshell, Ollie ticks all the boxes of being the perfect companion for your home. A heart full of affection, an explorative nature, good manners, and a love for family make him an irresistible catch!

If you believe Master Ollie needs to join your family please read the information provided. No Flights

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