Olly – 4 years Old – Perth

Olly is a red standard smooth boy who is looking for a new home due to a deterioration in his owner’s health. He is a timid little boy who has not been socialized very much.  Since living with a carer, who also has 5 cats and other dogs in her care, he is learning to socialize more and, with the right owner, who has lots of experience with the breed, he will become a great buddy.

The ideal home for Olly would consist of people who are either retired, or work from home and are active and able to take him on walks daily. Olly only needs a short walk to sniff everything so he can start to build up his stamina and help him lose weight.
Olly loves riding in the car and will make an excellent travelling companion as long as you have his harness and seatbelt on, as he tends to want to get on your lap. Whilst he is used to other dogs, he would probably be best suited in a home where he is the spoilt only dog.

If you think you are prepared to provide a loving home for Olly, and can continue to work on his socialization skills, then please apply to adopt.

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