Roo 8mths West Gippsland VIC.

Roo: 8-month-old Standard Cream Dachshund boy.

Introducing Roo, a beautiful natured little boy.  With a heart full of love and affection, he’s all about spreading happiness with endless kisses and cuddles. He’ll readily roll over for belly rubs, even at the park during or a quiet walk around the neighbourhood. He simply can’t resist a good tickle!

Roo’s loves his backyard play time, including chasing balls and splashing in shallow pools on hot, sunny days. A lover of adventure, he gets puppy excited to explore new places and meet new fur friends. Visitors, big and small, are always welcome in his book, greeted with an enthusiastic wag of his tail and plenty of puppy playfulness.

Family means the world to Roo. He keeps a watchful eye on those he holds dear and aims to be involved in all family activities. So whether playing in the yard, going for car rides or prepping for a BBQ, you can be sure Roo is right there with you, offering his company and a reassuring presence.

As the day winds down, Roo shows his softer calmer side. He loves nothing more than curling up for evening cuddles on the couch, content and satisfied knowing he’s part of the family.

Roo has already shown good manners for his young age. But someone that has experience with Dachshunds can continue this and he can be the best pooch on the street.  He has experience with Children, but older ones 10 and above would be preferred.  making him an ideal match for households with youngsters. He doesn’t have kitty cat experience.

If you’re on a quest to find a loyal and loving companion who adores family life, look no further! Roo is waiting to meet you with a wagging tail and a heart full of love.

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