Sabi (5) Port Kembla N.S.W

Sabi: 5 years 4month Red Miniature Smooth Dachshund

Sabi is on the lookout for a new home. A human lifestyle changes and no fault of his own Sabi is an adorable little boy.

Showing the typical Dachshund traits and an experience Dachshund owner would understand. He is full of energy and loves nothing more than exploring the great outdoors during daily walks sniffing and letting everyone know he has thoroughly inspected everything in his path. Can be very barky when out and about. The heckles come up but the tail is in full waggy mode.

He warms quickly with new people he is introduced to. He has been trained around children or should I say his human siblings have been trained around him. He doesn’t seem fazed. He is super protective of his food and would need to be feed separately to stop any bad behavior.

Sabi is an inquisitive little fella and wants to know all the comings and goings of daily home life. One would say a great communicator, he lets you know when someone is at the door, and when it is mealtime. He has benefited from his routine his family have set for him. He knows that after dinner is calm down time and he gets to snuggle on the couch. He loves his snuggle time borrowing under the blankets.

He has co-habited with another Dachshund.  But he wants to be the only child…

Sabi is seeking a human/humans to be home throughout the day, an active lifestyle that would enjoy taking Sabi for daily walks. A back yard to sunbake and play in. Children ok especially 8 and up. A person that knows the Dachshund breed is highly desirable.

Sabi has great foundations so building up new tricks wouldn’t be hard. He is eager to please especially if cheese is on offer.

If you believe you are the perfect fit for this young man, please read the information provided and fill in an application form on our website. No flights.

please direct your questions to: [email protected]


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