Zoe (8) Mini Smooth – Metung- Vic

Meet Zoe, a special needs doggo with a spirit so strong it leaves everyone around her inspired. Her blindness and recent diabetes diagnosis might have slowed her down a bit, but they haven’t affected her zest for life one bit.

Zoe is a shining example of resilience and optimism, demonstrating daily that a loving heart isn’t determined by physical conditions. When it comes to showing love, Zoe’s gifts are immeasurable, and they come in an adorable package of well-deserved belly rubs, inconsiderate tail wags, and perfectly timed kisses that leave you amazed at her enthusiasm.

She has a wonderful foster Mum who is looking after her giving her all the love and attention she deserves. She would really love to keep her, but it is not possible due to upcoming work commitments.

Zoe has a love for kids, offering not just companionship but an opportunity to learn about empathy, patience, and the beauty of overcoming adversity. As a little dachshund, she loves to bark at others, echoing her presence and grinning from ear to ear while doing so.

Preferring quieter afternoons spent snuggling on the couch and enjoying her surroundings, Zoe is the perfect companion for those tranquil moments at home. She finds comfort in familiar voices, soft cushions, and plenty of gentle strokes across her back.

If you are understanding and compassionate, have a desire to provide a little extra care for a dog with health issues, and love the sound of happy barks, then Zoe would be the perfect addition to your family. Give her a chance, and she will repay you tenfold with her unwavering loyalty and undeniable ability to spread joy in every minute of her life.

Please apply to adopt.

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