Zola, 3yrs 10mths, SYD.

Little Miss Pocket Rocket!

Zola is the sweetest little dachshund, so much is packed into this petite little girl.

  • Zola loves being around people, she knows how to gaze adoringly up into your eyes and once you fall under the spell of her beautiful brown eyes you wont be able to resist showering her with cuddles and affection.  She has been exposed to children when visiting family and she has had no problems,
  • Zola is generally very social with other dogs once she has been introduced.  She sometimes barks at other dogs, but hey thats a Dachie thing!   High on her wish list is another well behaved dachshund that she can buddy up with and share her love.
  • This little girl is very clever and has previously used a doggie door to go outside to toilet.   She will also wait at the back door if the door is closed to go to the toilet.
  • Her favourite time of the day is when her owner gets home from work, she works herself up into a little frenzy of excitement and takes a few minutes to calm down….an owner that works part time or from home would be ideal for Zola.   Zolas other favourite time is Walkie time….she just loves a nice long walk where she can get out and sniff the streets, explore new places and in general just strut her stuff.
  • Zola loves her food and isnt particularly fussy, she just wants to please!
  • Any toy that thats bigger than herself is usually a hit, she loves BIG toys, forget the teeny little ones, she loves dragging them around and snuggling up to big soft toys.

If you can provide the perfect home for Zola, please fill out an application form.  For further information please contact [email protected]

Sorry, not available for interstate adoption, unless you can drive to the meet and greet.


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