Success Stories


Cheddar (Vic)

Cheddar was a much loved family member but unfortunately the new baby developed a serious respiratory allergy to her. With great sadness Cheddar was relinquished with a promise that DRA would find her the perfect, loving home. And we succeeded. Cheddar’s new owners adored her from the day they met. She was a girl brimming with love and energy; exactly the dachshund they wanted. Within hours Cheddar had her new dad wrapped around her little paw and within days the delighted couple knew they had found their forever fur baby. Cheddar is a happy dachshund. Her days are filled with loving attention, companionship, walks, boating and outings. A wonderful life for a wonderful girl.

George 4 month old, NSW

George was bought as a puppy to be company for the resident male dachshund, Frank. However, Frank wasn't at all happy at finding himself no longer being the centre of attention and really didn't want another dog in the family. As a result he had attacked George a couple of time and these two dachshunds had to be separated during the day while their owners worked, with Frank finding himself in the garden and George behind a baby gate indoors. This wasn't an ideal situation and wasn't going to be helping George's emotional well being when out walking and meeting other dogs. George went off to be fostered in a home with three dachshunds and to begin with introductions were taken very slowly to see how he would react around other dogs. With these friendly dachshunds taking great interest in him, over the course of the next few days, they accepted Frank as part of the pack and Frank was delighted to have three siblings to look after him. As for George's new family, they're the failed foster carers and George has now been adopted by them. His days are full and busy with lots of company and after a busy day he's ready for bed so he grabs his bunny to cuddle and hops into his crate and covers himself with his blankie until the morning.

Harlow 2yrs & Winifred 3yrs QLD.

Harlow and Winifred had their wish of being adopted together fulfilled, and now they are spending their days lounging around their new digs soaking up the sun in one of several warm enticing spots. I guess you could say they have had a sea change, being only a couple of blocks from the ocean they love the daily beach walks and meandering along the foreshore paths. What a life girls!

Nellie & Herbie

No Success Story Available

Bonnie & Clyde QLD 1yr

Bonnie and Clyde are just the sweetest little hooligans that you couldnt help but fall in love with immediately, and they have definitely landed on their little legs in their new acreage home. They have even managed to lose a little bit of weight with all the running they are now doing! With lovely resident dog Beau to show them the ropes, they quickly picked up toilet training and are happily going into the crate at night. (although Bonnie sometimes needs a bit of a hurry along) Bonnie is happy getting cuddles from all the kids, whereas Clyde always heads straight to his human mummy for first cuddles. Way to go Bonnie and Clyde, we hope you love your new forever home!

Lenny (Banora NSW)

Pocket Rocket Lenny arrived at his new home to the delight of his new sister Holly (also DRA rescue) who had been grieving the loss of her 16 year old brother. Lenny and Holly love to play chasey and have become best of friends. Lenny is an energetic boy who is enjoying his walks. Training Lenny has not been easy and we are grateful to his new owners who are putting in a massive effort to help him become the best version of himself. Lenny rewards his owners by being the most affectionate and cuddly dachshund they have ever had.

Ruby (Vic)

Sensitive Ruby was purchased online and then transported by van to Victoria. She arrived in a distressed state; frightened and disoriented. She was underweight weighing just over 3 kgs. Her owner, who had longed for a dachshund companion, soon discovered Ruby was not the girl she was expecting. She was highly strung, poorly socialised, reactive to other dogs, cowered or ran away if approached, and fearful of men. Her owner, who only wanted the best for this wee Ruby, knew her busy home was not right for her. Thankfully there is a silver lining to this poor girl’s story, named Jan and Craig. Ruby was welcomed into their calm home to be fostered in view of adoption. Quietly spoken Jan was Ruby’s primary carer. With love, patience and a predictable routine, Betty slowly transformed into a mostly confident little dachshund. She will need further training overcome reactivity when out walking but Jan and Craig feel positive that one day she will be an ideal companion. And yes, Ruby has become a permanent and much loved member of the family.

Banjo – Noosaville (QLD)

Banjo has become a very chilled out country boy now that he doesn't have the stress of living in a busy suburb with too many people and dogs. His new sister Missy (also a DRA rescue) couldn't be more delighted with his arrival and has welcomed him from day one. Banjo wasn't able to resist Missy's playful nature and together these two gorgeous dachshunds spend their days picking out different toys from their toy box and playing in the garden. Not one to be left out, Banjo also gets to sleep in the big bed. Banjo and Missy like to sit on either side of their mum which gives her the perfect excuse not to get up to make the tea!

Patty & Selma (5) Vic

Patty and Selma’s new owner describes the girls as “perfect dachshunds for our family”. Right from the start two year old Buddy was delighted with his new canine companions. Whenever the girls were out of sight, he whimpered and searched for them. Since then the three have been inseparable. They walk together shoulder to shoulder, play amiably, and sleep in a muddle of entwined dachshund bodies. The human member o the family are equally bonded with Selma and Patty. They adore their delightful personalities, loving natures and cheeky ways. There are many happy days ahead and the girls are looking forward to their next caravanning adventure.

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