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Bean & Bear (VIC)

Seven year old sisters were feeling a little stressed with the constant attention from a toddler. Bean and Bear were spending more time outside away from their family, this isn't optimal for them. DRA were very fortunate to have a family to take the girls at short notice. The family has teenagers and young adults in the home much to the approval of Bean and Bear. Lots of exploring at nearby lakes the pair are relishing the attention in their new home. Everyday the girls are showing their different personalities and coming out of their shell.

Boston and Stitch (SA)

Boston and Stitch were accustomed to their family always being home, but when circumstances changed and Mum had long shifts at work, they were beginning to feel isolated at being left for long periods on their own. The family made the hard decision to put Stitch and Boston’s welfare needs first and decided they needed to be rehomed. Their dedicated new owner wanted the transition to be smooth and easy for this pair and so subsequently spent his first nights on the sofa in order to settle Boston.  The boys have now joined a sweet family fox terrier, have human company all the time, together with twice daily walks and each day is met with great enthusiasm.  A visit to the vet for their vaccinations had the vet impressed by their trim figures.

Arlo and Harvey (VIC)

Arlo and Harvey were feeling very unsettled. There family had moved home 3 times in a year. The boys were anxious when family had to go to work. They are sociable boys that love there long walks. There owners felt extremely conflicted about rehoming them. From day 1, they were like ducks to water in there new home. A wonderful extended family of lifetime dachshund owners. Days are filled with sunshine warmth and company from family. It didn't find them long to start running and playing in there new home. No longer do they exhibit anxious tendencies, its a delight to see them welcomed by all.

Poppy and Charlie

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